Erlang Solutions partners with Humio to provide streaming log management to our customers

Erlang Solutions, the world’s leading provider of Erlang and Elixir solutions, and Humio, the only log management platform enabling complete observability from streaming logs in real-time, self-hosted or the cloud, will collaborate to help customers across Europe understand and explore complex IT environments and keep them secure.

Achieve real-time observability and the power to log everything to answer anything in real-time.

Combining the technical and consulting capabilities of Erlang Solutions with Humio’s modern log management platform enables the clients of both partners to accelerate their growth with the ability to easily log everything — structured or unstructured — in real-time and at a massive scale.

“We look forward to collaborating with Erlang Solutions to deliver streaming observability at scale to organizations looking to gain efficiencies with managing complex, distributed systems. Humio’s real-time log management platform combined with Erlang Solution’s transformative consulting approach makes it possible for companies to maximize end-to-end system performance and dramatically improve user experiences,” stated Mortem Gram, EVP at Humio.

Exploring Humio’s platform with Erlang Solutions gives users instant and full visibility into complex, distributed systems, backed by direct access to an extended team of scalability experts.

“We are delighted to be working with Humio in providing industry-leading log management solutions to our customers. Our customers come to us because of our deep expertise in building highly scalable, distributed systems and the addition of Humio to our portfolio further enhances that capability”, shared Stuart Whitfield, CEO of Erlang Solutions.

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About Humio

Humio’s log management platform offers the lowest total cost of ownership, industry-leading unlimited plans, minimal maintenance and training costs, and remarkably low compute and storage requirements. Humio is the only log management solution that enables customers to log everything to answer anything in real-time — at scale, self-hosted or in the cloud. Humio’s modern, index-free architecture makes exploring and investigating all data blazing fast, even at scale. Founded in 2016, Humio is headquartered in London and backed by Accel and Dell Technologies Capital. For more information, visit and follow @MeetHumio on Twitter.

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Humio – Log Management

Empower your team with a log management platform that offers real-time streaming observability.

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Modern Log Management Enables Observability at Scale for Complex Systems

Modern Log Management Enables Observability at Scale for Complex Systems

Are you having a hard time pinpointing errors as they arise? With distributed systems and complex environments, it’s more important than ever to be able to understand what’s happening, and identify the root-cause of an issue in real time. This is even more crucial when your systems need to scale quickly or handle traffic spikes efficiently.