Introducing Stream Support In RabbitMQ

In July 2021, streams were introduced to RabbitMQ, utilizing a new blazingly-fast protocol that can be used alongside AMQP 0.9.1. Streams offer an easier way to solve a number of

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Implementing Go Fish to Learn Elixir

In this article, we will outline our initial design and implementation of the card game Go Fish in Elixir using raw processes, and then describe how we were motivated to re-implement the project using the GenServer module instead.

How Can Technology Answer the Questions Still Unanswered in FinTech?

Leaders in the fintech industry joined us to discuss how technology can answer the remaining questions in fintech. They explored key technologies shaping the sector that could also have an

Updates to the MongooseIM Inbox in version 5.1

This article describes new improvements to the Inbox feature of MongooseIM – an open-source XMPP server. We added “boxes” so you can keep your inbox organized as well as a

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Gaining a Competitive Advantage in Fintech From Your Choice of Tech Stack

In this article, we outline how your choice of fintech stack impacts business outcomes and why Erlang and Elixir will often be the right tool for the job in financial services. We will be discussing this and general trends as part of Fintech Week London 6 July 2022.

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Contract Programming an Elixir approach – Part 1

This series explores the concepts found in Contract Programming and adapts them to the Elixir language. Erlang and BEAM languages, in general, are surrounded by philosophies like “fail fast”, “defensive

MongooseIM 5.1 Configuration Rework

The release of MongooseIM 5.1 has lots of user and developer-friendly new features. Find out more about the teams rework of internal configuration consistent with the TOML configuration file structure.

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Modern Software Engineering Principles for Fintechs by Daniel Pilon at SumUp

Learn why the team at SumUp opted for an Erlang/Elixir backend as they expanded into banking and the benefits they have enjoyed since.

WombatOAM & the machine learning library

WombatOAM, the powerful operations, monitoring, and maintenance platform has a new machine learning library to assist with metric prediction. Learn about the main features, the algorithms used and how you