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How Can Technology Answer the Questions Still Unanswered in FinTech?

Leaders in the fintech industry joined us to discuss how technology can answer the remaining questions in fintech. They explored key technologies shaping the sector that could also have an

WombatOAM & the machine learning library

WombatOAM, the powerful operations, monitoring, and maintenance platform has a new machine learning library to assist with metric prediction. Learn about the main features, the algorithms used and how you

Introducing Stream Support In RabbitMQ

In July 2021, streams were introduced to RabbitMQ, utilizing a new blazingly-fast protocol that can be used alongside AMQP 0.9.1. Streams offer an easier way to solve a number of

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Using Elixir and WhatsApp to Fight COVID19

Elixir enables companies to rapidly get a product to market with confidence that it can scale and handle considerable spikes in concurrent users. The story of's COVID-19 helpline is a great example of this. Built in just 5 days, it scaled to 450,000 users before any public launch, and has grown to serve over 7.5 million people in South Africa. Learn more in our blog recap of Simon de Haan's talk at ElixirConf EU Virtual.

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Is Elixir the Right Choice for Hypergrowth Startups

We always love to see and share stories that so perfectly capture the benefits of using Elixir. Today, we’ll be taking a look at an example that captures why Elixir

Blockchain Tech Deep Dive 4/4 | Innovating with Erlang and Elixir

A look at why Erlang and Elixir are a good fit for innovation in the blockchain space. The final instalment of our blog series of thinking from Erlang Solutions’ subject matter experts on blockchain technology. 4/4

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Saving lives with Elixir

When you think about programming languages, you might not think about them literally changing people’s lives, but they do more often than you would expect. Elixir has empowered Linda Achieng and Sigu Mawa to

How HCA Healthcare used the BEAM to fight COVID – Code BEAM V Talk review

We often talk about the suitability of the BEAM VM for the Healthcare industry. Afterall, when it comes to Healthcare, downtime can literally be deadly, and no technology is better

Blockchain Tech Deep Dive 3/4 | Meaning of Ownership

What does 'ownership' really mean in the era of rising prominence of digital assets The third instalment of our blog series of thinking from Erlang Solutions’ subject matter experts on blockchain technology. 3/4

Blockchain Tech Deep Dive 2/4 | Myths vs. Realities

Second part in the 'Making Sense of Blockchain Series'. The benefits of using blockchain are substantial - businesses can lower transaction costs, speed up processes, and enhance security and trust, but what are myths and what are realities? 2/4