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Our content team comprises a diverse array of contributors hailing from various corners of Erlang Solutions. With a keen eye for emerging trends and a passion for our capabilities, we delve into the forefront of industry developments, we strive to deliver content that captivates and informs.

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Blockchain Tech Deep Dive | 6 Principles

Blog series of thinking from Erlang Solutions’ subject matter experts on blockchain technology from software engineering principles to how Erlang and Elixir can help you innovate in the space.

What is Elixir?

We unravel the power of Elixir, a language celebrated for its fault-tolerance and concurrency features. Discover Elixir's syntax, core features, and tap into expert insights to unleash its full potential.

Why Elixir is the Programming Language You Should Learn in 2024

In this article, delve into the reasons why embracing Elixir could be the catalyst for your evolution as a developer in 2024.

What Is the Fastest Programming Language? Making the Case for Elixir

As turnaround times continue to shrink and the innovation expected from developers expands, programming language speeds can become a deciding factor for solution designers. If you’re concerned about speed, Elixir may be the language you’re looking for.

Erlang Security Audit

We're launching the Erlang Security Audit during Cybersecurity Month to enhance code protection and address potential vulnerabilities.

Our experts at Code BEAM Europe 2023

Here's a taste of what to expect from our experts at this year's Code BEAM Europe 2023.

Diversity & Inclusion at Code BEAM Europe 2023

Our Pledge to Diversity As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, it’s crucial that the minds behind it come from diverse backgrounds. Different viewpoints lead to more comprehensive solutions,

Protected: Navigating the Unconventional: Introducing Erlang and Elixir

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Advent of Code 2022 – Every Puzzle Solved in Erlang

We're solving all the advent of code puzzles in Erlang. Here's our solutions so far. Don't forget to come back in the future to see the latest solution.

How Can Technology Answer the Questions Still Unanswered in FinTech?

We gathered industry leaders together to discuss how the future of technology can answer the unanswered questions in FinTech.