The benefits of learning Erlang and Elixir

We pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge to help people make the most of BEAM technologies. Our team of trainers includes some of the most experienced members of the community. I this webinar, our colleague Robert Virding, the co-creator of Erlang, Francesco Cesarini, O’Reilly published Author and Founder of Erlang Solutions and Michal Slaski, Erlang Developer with 15 years experience and co-creator of Lambda Days and Bruce Tate, Author of Seven Languages in Seven Weeks and Founder of Groxio joined us to discuss why they believe people should learn a BEAM based language.

Elixir OTP Design Lessons from Hardware.

Hosted by Bruce Tate

Get more out of OTP with GenStateMachine

Bruce Tate hosts a live coding webinar demonstrating how to implement a safety protocol using GenStateMachine.

erlang and elixir conference

Building Decentralized Applications dApps using the BEAM

Erlang is perfect for building blockchain and decentralised apps. In this episode the VP of Engineering at ArcBlock explains why and how they use Erlang.