Testing Erlang and Elixir through PropEr Modeling

There are a ton of techniques to come up with properties when doing property-based testing, but one of the most powerful ones is modeling. In this webinar, we’ll quickly see how to use models for stateless and stateful properties.


Fred is the author of Learn You Some Erlang, Erlang in Anger, and more recently, Property-Based Testing with PropEr, Erlang, and Elixir. He is a maintainer of Rebar3, and of libraries such as recon, pobox, vmstats, and backoff. Twitter: https://twitter.com/mononcqc

Elixir OTP Design Lessons from Hardware.

Hosted by Bruce Tate

Get more out of OTP with GenStateMachine

Bruce Tate hosts a live coding webinar demonstrating how to implement a safety protocol using GenStateMachine.

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Building Decentralized Applications dApps using the BEAM

Erlang is perfect for building blockchain and decentralised apps. In this episode the VP of Engineering at ArcBlock explains why and how they use Erlang.