Implementing a polyglot microservices architecture for IoT applications

Bondy, is an open source networking platform for distributed microservices and IoT applications written in Erlang. It implements the open Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP), an open standard TCP and WebSocket protocol that unifies two application messaging patterns: RPC and PubSub. Alejandro Ramallo explains how WAMP works and how it is implemented in Bondy. Most excitingly, he demonstrates how Bondy is used to interconnect the components of an IoT Platform that has been in production for 2 years with hundreds of thousands of connected vehicle and home devices.

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Alejandro Ramallo – Alejandro is the CEO|CTO and founder of Leapsight, a software product and services firm focused on the design and implementation of scalable, real-time, intelligent systems. He is an experienced executive with more than 20 years in start-ups and multinational organisations, having held executive positions in both Marketing and IT. Alejandro is an autodidact systems architect and software developer, with experience in the design and development of mission critical distributed systems. He is passionate about distributed systems, Erlang/OTP, Datalog and the Semantic Web. Twitter:

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