How Boston’s public transport system relies on Elixir – 3 case studies from the MBTA.

The team from Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority joined us on the webinar to share 3 case studies on the ways in which they use Elixir in their tech stack. Together, it is a great example of the full-stack capabilities of Elixir as it is used in their public API, web application and backend to help them conduct over half a million passenger journeys per day.

In this webinar you’ll learn why Elixir is perfect for public transit, how Elixir and Phoenix help MBTA build performant, stable real-time applications while keeping the code relatively straightforward and why they recommend learning Elixir.

Webinar – Creating an Elixir machine learning module for a monitoring and maintenance platform.

What Should FinTech Learn From Telecoms?

Erlang Solutions Nordics MD Erik Schön sharing lessons learnt about scalability and resilience in telecoms that should be applied to FinTech. Talk as part of Portfolio Conference, Banking Technology 2021.

Webinar – Using Erlscripten to transpile Erlang to Javascript