Best Practice For API Design in Elixir – 3 part webinar with Bruce Tate

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A good API reflects good design, and you need to build them from the inside out. Get the data and function layers right, and your APIs will flow. In this lesson, we cover: Designing Elixir Systems in Layers Thinking in Reducers API Concerns: Where They Live Expanding your Functional Core Validations Vs. Guards Vs. Sanitizers Trap Doors


Bruce Tate – Bruce Tate is a kayaker, climber, programmer and father of two from Chattanooga, Tennessee. A serial entrepreneur, he has helped start three companies, and most recently served as CTO for icanmakeitbetter. The author of more than a dozen books is active in the Elixir community as a speaker, author, editor and conference organizer. Twitter:

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