Learn Erlang, Elixir and RabbitMQ Skills in our monthly webinars

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Webinars for Erlang, Elixir, RabbitMQ, Instant Messaging and more!

We’re passionate about scalable systems and eager to share great solutions with the community. Once a month, we’re joined by 100s of developers for a new webinar. Presentations are led by our colleagues, clients and community members with great case studies or use cases.

If you’re looking to be inspired or understand how BEAM based technologies are being used in production, our webinars are a great place to start. See what’s coming up and explore past webinars below.

Upcoming webinars

Elixir OTP Design Lessons from Hardware.

Hosted by Bruce Tate
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Past webinars

Get more out of OTP with GenStateMachine

Bruce Tate hosts a live coding webinar demonstrating how to implement a safety protocol using GenStateMachine.

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Building Decentralized Applications dApps using the BEAM

Erlang is perfect for building blockchain and decentralised apps. In this episode the VP of Engineering at ArcBlock explains why and how they use Erlang.

Building Tetris with Elixir, LiveView and OTP.

Learn how to build the classic game Tetris, from scratch, in Elixir and Phoenix LiveView without a line of JavaScript.