Terms and Conditions


1. All entries must be received by 23.59 on 31 August 2024. Any entries received after this date will not be eligible to take part in the competition
2. Entry is via completion of an online application form and is limited to one entry per project
3. The winner will be notified by email by 30 September 2024
4. We will contact all entrants after the closing date to advise of the outcome of their competition entry.
5. The prize must be used by 31 December 2024. If not used by this date, this prize expires and can be no longer used
6. Code & Architecture Review means – Code and Architecture, implementation and Infrastructure review and a recommendation report. This is usually fully completed within 7-10 working days.


1. In order for us to carry out the assessment, we will require access to the code base to be reviewed. Erlang Solutions is happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement as required
2. Both parties commit to make every reasonable effort to provide the information required and to be available to carry out this consultancy up to 31 December 2024 (excluding public holidays) during that time
3. Winner should grant read-only access to code repositories and infra/cloud servers. Also all relevant and related documentation for Erlang Solutions to be able to understand how the system/project works.
4. The winner needs to be aware of the level of commitment required – for example (but not limited to) code access, documentation sharing, timely response to requests for meetings, meetings participation, information and so on in order for Erlang Solutions to be able to successfully deliver this review. Failure to reasonably comply gives Erlang Solutions the right to terminate the project with no notice and no alternative.
5. Both parties will agree on a start date, after which the assessment will start and can’t be paused nor postponed. Assessment/review will not continue after 10 working days from its start date, unless it is required by Erlang Solutions to be able to complete the prize.
6. Meetings and gatherings will be held virtually, on-line using Google Meets or Zoom. Other VC tools can be considered at no cost to Erlang Solutions.
7. Erlang Solutions will not incur nor agree to incur in any cost related to tools,  licenses, accesses, apps, fees required by the winner or its project, to perform and deliver the assessment.
8. Assessment can be done by one or several consultants, at the sole discretion of Erlang Solutions. Access will be requested only for the lead consultant.

Project scope

1. This prize is an Elixir Code & Architecture Review, with a final output in the form of a report detailing the findings of the review and recommendations for consideration and future implementation. Erlang Solutions will not implement any recommendations made as part of this free offer.
2. No coding, support, maintenance, development or consultancy services are included in the prize.
3. We will be happy to offer our support and consultancy after this assessment, but it will be on a commercial basis with a price and separate terms and conditions to be agreed by both parties.
4. No travel is considered for the scope of this virtual assessment.
5. The prize in any/all form: document, conversation, suggestion, observation, etc is not subject to any kind of sign-off from the winner to be considered as successfully delivered.


1. No cash alternative or any other alternative will be given for any part of this prize regardless of how many hours of consultancy are required and/or used/ delivered
2. Your data will be managed in line with our privacy policy