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We want to add value to our client’s businesses. We like get involved with the entire lifecycle of a project so clients can benefit from our broad specialist knowledge. Our reputation as a global authority on Erlang is well founded: our experience goes back pre-open source era and many of our consultants have a relevant master’s degree.

Remote Consultancy

We are a global consultancy with offices located across Europe and the Americas and similarly our clients can be found operating in all parts of the world. As such, project delivery via remote consultancy is something which Erlang Solutions expert consultants are ideally set-up to execute on whenever necessary.

We pride ourselves on being able to work with you across time zones so no matter what your physical global location the same exceptional standards of project delivery will be provided by us. We support the successful delivery of your project through well established and dedicated Project Management and communications processes that facilitate the efficient technical consultancy for which we are known.

We are committed to ensuring that all projects are expertly delivered whether our consultants are on-premise or working in distributed teams and welcome your feedback, suggestions and discussions on the bespoke requirements for your team and project.


Passionate computer people, many of our consultants have written a thesis around some aspect of Erlang.
We have long been involved in key Erlang projects, and continue to play a pivotal role in many turnkey projects across diverse sectors including banking, telecom, new media, messaging. Our skill lies in building distributed, fault-tolerant, real-time systems that we support on an ongoing basis.

Our consultants offer unparalleled experience across:

Code Reviews


Erlang is a complex language and we’ve worked with the good, bad and ugly. But, whatever the state of the code, comprehensive reviews are fundamental to the software development process. Maintenance incurs significant cost, but when the results are positive, future-proofs by reducing costs and resulting in simple systems that are easy to debug and maintain.

We give code reviews for architecture, style and efficiency. Handled by technical consultants with at least five years full-time experience, they identify design flaws, inconsistencies, and offer advice on stylistic improvements. A typical package on a 10,000 line project demands 40-50 hours and includes:

  • Review of the stylistic aspects of the code prior to arrival
  • The Erlang Do and Don'ts seminar
  • Code re-writing in parts to demonstrate seminar theory
  • Architecture reviews
  • One-on-one consultations with the programmers
  • Performance measurements.

Maintenance is quick, cost-efficient and straight-forward with immediate results. Reviews are a long term investment that help businesses save time and money later on when code goes into production and when developing new applications.

Get in touch to talk more about our code review package.

Need answers?

There’s not a lot we don’t know about Erlang/OTP. If you need a hand, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help. If we can’t help you directly, we’ll connect you with someone who can.
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OTP Migration

OTP can be introduced to pure Erlang systems so you can enjoy the benefits of OTP libraries, behaviours and applications.
We’ve been working on migrations for Ericsson's first products from Erlang to OTP since the OTP first came out in 1996. We’re experienced in setting up and carrying out migration plans with little disruption, and often in conjunction with a code review. The migration of 15,000 lines of code takes approximately 50 hours. 

Positive side-effects to migration are a substantial reduction in code size, more robust systems and added functionality and features.

Our Erlang to OTP migration package includes:

  • Code review prior to arrival
  • Training in OTP behaviours
  • Architecture review on location
  • A rewrite strategy for the project
  • Practical help in the rewrite phase


Clients often choose Erlang over other programming tools and languages because it’s quick to produce a working prototype. We can work with you to set up strategy and code for prototypes and demos developed in Erlang/OTP. 
Agility is central to our philosophy. Mike Williams, one of Erlang’s inventors said: “Make mistakes on a small scale, not in a production project. It is not good enough to have ideas, you must be able to implement them and know that they work.” 
Prototypes flag up design flaws early on, identify feasibility, provide early benchmarks, and help introduce new technology into your business Depending on size, it can take over 80 hours to get a prototype up and running. Our prototype package includes:

  • Training a small group in advanced Erlang features
  • Training in OTP behaviours
  • Designing the prototype architecture
  • Help in coding and testing
  • Profiling
  • Analysis of the system architecture
  • Setting up the strategy for the large scale project


Our end-to-end testing services are focused on defect prevention at root level. This boots quality but strives to help companies minimise the cost of quality-related efforts and deficiencies. We test Erlang and non-Erlang systems, components and embedded devices for industries such as financial services, SaaS providers, and telecommunications.
We believe in agile development methods and test-driven development (TDD). Our partnership with Quviq and involvement with the ProTest project helped us have develop expertise in Property-First Development (PFD) using QuickCheck. PFD is like TDD on steroids, and we use it in all our projects when possible. Test suites and QuickCheck properties are automatically carried out for each build using our in-house build system.
We’re experienced in load testing and live debugging of Erlang-based products, and offer a special course for test and support engineers. We have also applied our test automation and property-based testing techniques to non-Erlang components and embedded devices. 
Interested in only using Erlang for your test automation needs? Get in touch, and we’ll help you get started.

Experts for hire

If you need help assisting and delivering on longer-term Erlang/OTP projects, our expert consultants and contractors can be hired anywhere in the world. We offer support from individual consultants on a project or guidance through the whole software cycle.
Introducing new technology on a large scale into a project can have detrimental effects if handled badly. Expert help and mentorship are vital to check you are using the right methodology, tools, training strategy, architecture and a realistic time schedule. For longer-term projects, consultants are initially full-time. As the project development progresses and confidence increases, their presence may be reduced. Nearer the end, they will always be available to answer questions, but are usually present one week a month.
If a project has the right experience on-board, it may need additional programming resources. It can often prove difficult to recruit local Erlang/OTP programmers as they may be facing tight deadlines, or need tens of thousands of incomprehensible lines of code to be rewritten. 
Whether you’re bringing Erlang/OTP into a company for the first time, or you just need programming assistance, we can handle it. Talk to us about what you need and we’ll find the right answer. Our consultants are based in London and Stockholm, but will work on a project wherever it may take them.

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We welcome long and short-term contracting and consulting opportunities globally. 
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