Erlang Solutions’ unique support offering enables you to significantly increase your stability, flexibility and system performance. Erlang Solutions provides complete support for your Erlang/OTP systems and for the applications contained within our standard enterprise distros (e.g. Cowboy, Lager etc).

From our four main offices in UK, Sweden, Poland and Hungary, our multi-national support team (currently we have native speakers of nine languages) we can support you wherever you are based in the world. If we are unable to have remote access to your systems then we will come to your site.

As a company, we have over 10 years experience in the Erlang/OTP open-source arena working on a variety of platforms; so, as standard, we offer support for a wide range of platform environments.

The solid experience of Erlang Solutions Limited together with a unique agreement with the Erlang group at Ericsson makes it possible for us to offer top class support for Erlang/OTP to end customers. We supply binaries and offer continuous integration services for most platforms, ranging from embedded to supercomputers.

Our philosophy is that Support is a fully integrated part of your whole project lifecycle. Whether you are planning a new project, in the middle of development, migrating to a new platform or version of Erlang/OTP or now maintaining a working production environment we would like to support you by providing our expert advice on application design and implementation.

Support is not just about fixing bugs.  Support is about creating an environment for technical expertise to develop and excel, for productivity to increase and for business objectives to be fulfilled.  It includes collaboration and consultancy, training and assistance, development planning and project management. We can assist you in all these areas, so Contact us if you want to find out in detail how ESL can help you achieve your aims.

We offer three standard Support Plans:

  • Enterprise – for mission critical 24/7 systems
  • Business – aimed at business critical systems (live or still in development)
  • Basic – primarily for early adopters and small scale usage

Additionally, there is a general Support Plan:

  • Extended – for any Erlang/OTP version on any platform or any Erlang/OTP based open-source Application (including ejabberd)

For a tabular overview of the major features included in the standard Support Plans, select the Support Plan Overview submenu option on the left.