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Full visibility and control over Erlang and Elixir applications

WombatOAM is the only monitoring and maintenance framework purpose-built for Erlang and Elixir systems. It works out of the box, without modifying your application's original source code. With WombatOAM you can monitor and debug production systems in real time, prevent outages by receiving alarms at signs of possible problems and save precious time in post-mortem analysis of crashes.


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Everything you need to know about your Erlang/Elixir system

WombatOAM provides complete visibility over any system running on the BEAM virtual machine, from proprietary applications to open source ones such as Phoenix, Riak, RabbitMQ or MongooseIM. With full and immediate access to system topology, metrics, notifications and alarms, problems can be addressed before they escalate, and issues can be dealt with based on a higher level of understanding. This tool works as a stand alone product or integrated into your existing OAM infrastructure. It is easy to install and use, and makes minimal demands on your system resources. 


How it works

WombatOAM is easy to install and use, with a friendly interactive web dashboard, a straightforward API, and the ability to hook into your existing OAM and SAAS tools. It makes minimal demands on your system resources.

WombatOAM can connect to any system running on the Erlang VM, using Distributed Erlang.

The system may consist of one or more Erlang VMs (even running different releases), and include proprietary applications or standalone open source applications such as CouchDB, Riak, RabbitMQ or Phoenix.

WombatOAM starts non-intrusive agents that enable it to monitor alarms and notifications, and collect information such as metrics and logs.

This agent code is loaded on the fly, without having to include any proprietary WombatOAM applications in your release, and without the nodes having to be restarted.

WombatOAM will connect to nodes seamlessly – even if they have been running for years, or are running older versions of the Erlang VM.

Features and functionalities

Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection and early warnings, presented in the form of alarms and notifications. Customised alarms that rerquest human intervention when a metric crosses a given threshold can be set up. DevOps teams will address and resolve problems before they escalate and cause service disruption. WombatOAM integrates with the SASL alarm handler and the Elarm application, forwarding alarms specific to your system. It also forwards SASL and Lager logs, including crash, warning and error reports, giving you data specific access to all clusters in one place.

Inspection and configuration

WombatOAM allows users to inspect processes (including message queue, process dictionary, process state, stack trace) and ETS tables in the running systems, to perform operations such as asking the garbage collector to free up memory, and to fix misconfiguration issues by changing configuration parameters.

Topology visualisation

Autodiscovery of your node topology. Provide a node and its cookie, and WombatOAM will discover all existing nodes in the cluster, group them into releases (called node families), and start monitoring them. WombatOAM visualises the node topology and gives you the ability to inspect specific node information, facilitating troubleshooting. WombatOAM also acts as a point of integration for tools that allow closer inspection of what is happening on the monitored nodes, without users needing to access the machines themselves.

Plugin-based architecture

A set of built-in application-specific plugins covering many standard OTP applications and popular open source ones. Plugins run on the managed node and send metrics, notifications and alarms to WombatOAM. Plugins have been implemented to monitor SASL, Lager, Folsom, Exometer, Elarm, Mnesia, OSmon, Cowboy, Phoenix, Poolboy and Ecto OTP applications as well as MongooseIM, RabbitMQ, and Riak nodes. Many more plugins are being implemented, and custom proprietary plugins can be developed based on a simple API.

Web dashboard

An interactive web dashboard that provides all information in one place, and a REST interface to support automation and integration with your existing tool chain and scripts.

Scales to tens of thousands of nodes

Deployment of Erlang nodes in heterogeneous clouds or on specified machines that scale to tens of thousands of nodes with no single point of failure. WombatOAM orchestration and monitoring has been tested on a cluster of 10,000 Erlang VMs, but it is linearly scalable beyond that.

Integrates with your OAM infrastructure

Seamless integration with your OAM infrastructure. WombatOAM has existing integration plugins with Graphite, DataDog, Graylog, Cacti, Nagios, Splunk, Grafana, Zabbix and PagerDuty. If you are using proprietary OAM tools or SAAS providers currently not supported, the WombatOAM architecture provides the flexibility to add integration points without the need to upgrade or restart your managed nodes. Integration happens in the WombatOAM node, reducing overhead in the managed nodes, while reducing the risk of OAM-related issues escalating in the nodes managing the business logic.

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Part of the Erlang-based Ecosystem

In addition to WombatOAM we have also developed and offer support for other Erlang infused products:

MongooseIM is a mobile and real-time messaging platform. It provides archiving, encryption, privacy, security, load and stress testing, backend and a large range of storage backend. WombatOAM offers a plugin for MongooseIM.

Riak KV
Riak KV is highly scalable, fault tolerant NoSQL database built to handle a variety of challenges facing Big Data applications that include tracking user or session information, storing connected device data and replicating data across the globe. WombatOAM can be plugged with Riak KV.

This powerful testing tool insures in-depth testing of your service’s operational behaviour by generating hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users. WombatOAM retrieves metrics from systems undertest to identify potential bottlenecks while the megaLOAD test is applied.

One of the world’s most popular open-source message servers, RabbitMQ is fast, dependable and supports a wide range of use cases. We provide support for RabbitMQ users and customisation if your system goes beyond the typical requirements. WombatOAM offers a plugin for RabbitMQ.

WombatOAM Subscription Plans

WombatOAM is included as part of our support agreements covering Erlang/OTP, Elixir, RabbitMQ, Riak and MongooseIM. You can buy WombatOAM licenses on an annual or perpetual basis, the subscription plans below will help you decide what fits your system best.

WombatOAM is available on a trial basis for 45 days free of charge. Get in touch for more details on WombatOAM licence arrangements and a price for deploying WombatOAM across your BEAM-based system.

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Feature / Plan Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Nodes Monitored 1-3 4-15 16-50 Unlimited
Run On Premise Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run Multiple installations No No Yes Yes
Include/Ship as Part of your products No No Yes Yes
Monitor Erlang/Elixir/Phoenix/Ecto Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor Riak / Rabbit / MongooseIM No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Plugins / Northbound APIs T&M T&M Priority on the roadmap, subject to ESL’s discretion Yes
Influencing Roadmap Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elasticity No No Yes, yearly average (max 100 nodes) Yes, yearly average (Unlimited)
Historic Data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Concurrent Open Support Tickets 2 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Response Time (hours) 24 8 4 Custom
Initial Training and Setup (hours) 1 4 8 Custom
Quarterly Product Calls No No Yes Yes
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  • Custom load testing
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