EMQ Scalable and Reliable Real-time MQTT Messaging Engine for IoT in the 5G Era

As IoT continues its explosive growth across the world, from autonomous vehicles to smart home devices, from Smart City Infrastructure to telecom grade IoT solutions, enterprise systems seek a more efficient, secure and faster communication mechanism. Companies are continuously turning to MQTT – and specifically EMQ – for stable enterprise-class solutions.

EMQX is a highly scalable, highly available distributed message broker for all major IoT protocols as well as M2M and mobile applications. Available virtually everywhere with real-time system monitoring and management ability, it can handle tens of millions of concurrent clients. Today, more than 5000 enterprise users are using EMQ X to connect more than 50 million devices.


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How come EMQ X is massively Scalable and Highly Efficient?
Because it’s written in Erlang!

With it’s Erlang/OTP design, EMQ X fuses some of the best qualities of Erlang. A single node broker can sustain one million concurrent connections…but a single EMQ X cluster – which contains multiple nodes – can support tens of millions of concurrent connections. Inside this cluster, routing and broker nodes are deployed independently to increase the routing efficiency. Control channels and data channels are also separated – significantly improving the performance of message forwarding. EMQ X works on a soft real-time basis. No matter how many simultaneous requests are going through the system, the latency is guaranteed.


EMQ x Erlang Diagram

How EMQ X can help with your IoT messaging needs?

All in One Connectivity

EMQ X supports all major IoT communication protocols and diverse authentication mechanism; including JSON, Binary, MQTT, CoAP, LWM2M, MQTT-SN, TCP, UDP, TLS, DTLS, IPv4, IPv6, LoWPAN, WIFI, NB-IoT, GSM, 3G/4G, LoRA.

Deploy Anywhere

EMQ X works across almost all OS environments – including major Linux distributions, Windows, Mac OS, and Raspberry Pi. It’s ideal for centralized systems and edge computing. It can also be deployed in containers such as docker, Kubernetes and Swarm. Whether on or off premise, our clients can access EMQ X technology through multi-cloud based architectures (such as AWS or Azure). Whatever your platform, EMQ X guarantees seamless communication.

Smart Cities

EMQ X provides one platform for all Smart City data collection needs. This includes smart metering systems, smart distribution and monitoring systems, traffic management, electronic governance, intelligent lighting systems, home and building efficiency systems, intelligent healthcare, and environment monitoring
Our deep understanding of IoT and its access protocols, has proven success in designing standards for the intelligent infrastructure of Smart Cities.


MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol standard designed for machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity. It was invented back in 1999 and now has become the de-facto standard for the Internet of Things.

Management & Monitoring

With our technology, you will have access to the EMQ X Control Center (ECC): a holistic and powerful monitoring dashboard that grants insight to your broker cluster. In addition to a real-time overview and detailed monitoring metrics, this web UI grants administrative actions that allow the operations team to quickly identify and resolve problems as they arise.

Connected Vehicles

Number of vehicles worlwide is expected to reach 2 billion by 2035. Many of these projected vehicles will be connected cars – vessels that can communicate wirelessly with various devices, such as sensors, phones, and cameras. Intelligent use of data will lead to significant improvements in road safety and reductions in pollution levels. With that scale in mind EMQ X is the perfect solution for your Connected Vehicles systems! 

Our Partnership with EMQ

EMQ are world leaders in open source IoT messaging. At present, EMQ has become the most widely used open source distributed MQTT message broker in the world, with over 2 million downloads. The founding team of EMQ hails from Huawei, IBM, Amazon, and Apple with years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry.

Erlang Solutions are EMQ's official reseller of EMQ X and EMQ Edge in EMEA and North America. We work together to deliver class leading IoT solutions based on the MQTT protocol. We are also experts in other scalable messaging protocols including AMQP and XMPP. EMQ X is written in Erlang which delivers unique features, and we, at Erlang Solutions, are the world-leading Erlang and Elixir consultancy. We work with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500, including Ericsson, WhatsApp, Motorola, AdRoll and Klarna, to mention a few.

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