Clients come with their own unique business challenges. Our job is to understand individual needs and develop smart solutions. We’re restless in our quest for perfection, frequently adding new features so clients can enjoy the benefits of high performance, robustness, reliability and scalability.


Full stack, mobile-ready, real-time messaging platform that is available on-premise or hosted. And it is a modern solution for high-growth Social Media, Gaming, Healthcare and Telecoms sectors.

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Wombat OAM

Operations and maintenance framework for DevOps and developers giving them complete visibility over what goes on across Erlang and Elixir-based systems.

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RabbitMQ is fast and dependable open-source message server that supports a wide range of use cases. We provide tier 3 support for this popular open-source message server.

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Riak KV

Open source highly distributed NoSQL database that provides great availability, replication and monitoring to web and mobile applications.

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Easy-to-use scalable cloud platform specially created for load testing heavy-duty backend services; ideal for online business, SaaS and telecoms companies.

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Intelligent software that increases your data center’s service assurance, application agility, and operational reliability and at the same time, reduces complexity, your carbon footprint and brings unparalleled efficiency of scale.

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Using off-the-shelf hardware and minimal configuration, the OpenFlow Linc switch and the Loom controller make it possible to optimise your networks based on the applications you are running.

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Spot on for accurate software checking, the QuickCheck testing tool keeps specifications concise and readable, making it possible to generate more test cases.

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A useful code style checker that automatically imposes common guidelines and saves time for reviewers so they can focus on the important details of their GitHub-hosted Erlang project.

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A platform that allows brands to mass-customise their experiences consistently to billions of consumers across an increasing number of online and offline touchpoints.

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