This website together with the related MongooseIM interfaces is further referred to as tryMongooseIM.

By using tryMongooseIM, you agree with the following policies:

  • Erlang Solutions Terms of Use policy, which fully applies to tryMongooseIM.
  • Erlang Solutions Privacy Policy, which applies to tryMongooseIM.
  • Additional tryMongooseIM Terms of Use and tryMongooseIM Cookie Policy – see below.

Additional tryMongooseIM Terms of Use

  1. tryMongooseIM is provided to you “as is” and “as available” and with all faults and defects without warranty of any kind.
  2. We reserve the right to terminate the operation of tryMongooseIM service without prior notice.
  3. tryMongooseIM allows you to create one short-lived XMPP domain, which will expire after one week. Expired domains are irreversibly deleted and can no longer be used. Any data related to expired domains is lost. To continue using tryMongooseIM, you need to create a new domain.
  4. tryMongooseIM allows you to register XMPP accounts at your domain. There is a limit of 10 XMPP accounts per domain. When your XMPP domain expires, the accounts are removed with all related data.
  5. You can only use tryMongooseIM to learn about MongooseIM. Any commercial use is prohibited.
  6. You can only create one user account at tryMongooseIM, even if you have access to multiple email addresses. You need to delete your account prior to creating a new one.
  7. The tryMongooseIM interfaces are rate-limited, and you are not allowed to send multiple network requests of any kind in rapid succession or simultaneously. You cannot load-test or stress-test TryMongooseIM. It is also forbidden to send large chunks of data at once.
  8. Any actions that could potentially negatively affect the server or other users are strictly prohibited and will result in this service being withdrawn.
  9. Use of explicit or offensive language in any network requests sent to the tryMongooseIM interfaces is strictly prohibited and will result in this service being withdrawn.
  10. Should you violate any of the Terms of Use, your account will be immediately deleted without warning, you will be banned from tryMongooseIM, and your IP addresses will be blacklisted.
  11. Should you find any bugs, please report them. We value all contributions, but there is no guarantee that a particular issue will be addressed.
  12. These Terms of Use, as well as the content and functionality of tryMongooseIM itself, may be changed at any time without prior notice. The latest version will be available at

tryMongooseIM Cookie Policy

In order to manage user sessions, tryMongooseIM stores information in your browser. Additionally:

  • If you select the “Keep me logged in” option, tryMongooseIM will store information about the login credentials.
  • If you select the “This is trusted device” option in web chat, tryMongooseIM will store information about the XMPP sessions.