Message Spy – a plugin for RabbitMQ

The Message Spy Plugin simplifies message management within RabbitMQ. By offering a user-friendly HTTP API for accessing messages based on their position, developers and operators can improve debugging and monitoring efforts.

What’s inside

Position-based message viewing

A powerful improvement to the standard message inspection feature in RabbitMQ, Message Spy enables you to view specific messages in a quorum queue, commonly known as “peeking.”
With Message Spy you can effortlessly inspect messages without altering their properties or the need to consume them in the process.

Developer- friendly API

This functionality is available through an easy-to-use HTTP API, extending its accessibility beyond the command line and making it easier to use for everyone.
Being able to interact with RabbitMQ and retrieve messages using simple HTTP requests through the API opens up new possibilities for automation and integration.

Management UI extension

We’ve integrated the message viewing capability into the RabbitMQ Management UI, so you can access and inspect messages seamlessly within the familiar interface.
Only authorised users can view the messages on both the Management UI and by using the HTTP API.

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