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Sharing knowledge is vital to growing open source community. As a business, we have an important part to play in creating comfortable spaces for the functional programming community to get together and exchange battle stories. We must be doing something right as our events seem to grow year on year.

Code Sync

Code Sync is a new family of global conferences powered by Erlang Solutions, consolidating the tech conferences we’ve been organising since 2008.

Code Sync is part of the same team and organising Code Sync conferences is a very important part of our business. Our common goal is creating comfortable spaces for the functional programming community to get together and exchange battle stories.

Creating Code Sync is part of the commitment we have made to open our tech conferences to a global audience and to spread the culture of Learn. Share. Inspire.
Code Sync also retains each conference’s individual personality, identity and focus as:

  • Code BEAM - Discovering the Future of the Erlang Ecosystem
  • Code BEAM Lites - Satellite events of Code BEAM
  • Code Elixir - Connecting the Elixir Community
  • Code Mesh - Exploring Alternative Tech​​

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Code Sync Events | Erlang Elixir BEAM Global Programming Tech Conferences

Upcoming Events

We organise world class events to drive adoption of Erlang, Elixir and other emerging technologies. We also attend external events where you can meet our colleagues and listen to their talks.

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Code Mesh
8-9 November 2018

In 2018 Code Mesh joins a family of conferences called Code Sync with a goal to promote non-mainstream technologies globally. A two day conference will continue to bring together users and speakers of different languages to share their innovative and inspiring projects. All in the spirit of exploring alternative tech and learning from one another!
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Code Mesh 2018 | London 8 9 November 2018

RabbitMQ Summit
12 November 2018

The first RabbitMQ Summit brings together RabbitMQ users and developers from around the world. Learn from speakers and keynotes on what’s happening in and around RabbitMQ, and how top companies utilise RabbitMQ to power their services.

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Events - RabbitMQ Summit 2018

Lambda Days 2019
Krakow, Poland
21-22 February 2019

Lambda Days is a one of a kind experience in the functional world.

Scala, Erlang, Haskell, Elixir, F#, Lisp, Clojure, OCaml and many other emerging technologies are more than languages, are new perspectives on how to understand and tackle challenges of every day work. Over the course of two days, six tracks, and 40 talks from 40 speakers, Lambda Days 2019 will focus on the ideas, technologies, paradigms, and languages driving functional programming.

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Lambda Days 2019

Past Events

2017 and 2018 were packed with events, speaking gigs and meeting people. Many thanks for joining us across the globe! 

Meetup with Torben Hoffmann
London, October 2018

At Alert Logic we realised that most of our teams would be needing the same kind of not-provided-by-AWS functionality, so we decided to craft our own - for a lack of a better word - platform to solve the problem for all teams in one go. This talk is about the specifics of the AWS Lambda shortcomings and how we have chosen to address them.
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Torben Hoffmann - Extending AWS with Erlang

Meetup with Jeremey Barrett
London, September 2018

If we intend to get better as an industry at building robust, reliable abstractions, we need to focus on the aspects of the runtime that make it possible to do so. I want to describe how and why I use Erlang, what I've done with it, and why it matters to the way that we, both inside and outside the Erlang community, approach the building of complex and distributed systems.
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Jeremey Barrett - It

Code Elixir
16 August 2018

Code Elixir (previously known as Elixir.LDN) is our one-day conference bringing together the Elixir community to share, learn and inspire, giving them the opportunity to meet new friends and learn about new projects and innovation that have grown out of the Elixir language.
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Code Elixir | London Elixir Conference 16 August 2018

31 May - 1 June 2018

The Erlang User Conferences have been evolving for the past few years. The origins were about bringing together developers to spread the Erlang love and to share battle stories. Over the years our community has grown beyond Erlang to encompass a more diverse range of languages from the Erlang Ecosystem.

So our newly launched Code BEAM STO embraces a few changes and builds on a long-standing legacy of the Erlang User Conferences. Come and join a two-day conference and discover the future of the Erlang Ecosystem.
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Code BEAM STO 2018 | Stockholm 16 August 2018 Erlang User Conference

#OpenErlang Stockholm Party

Thu 31 May 2018
We’ve partnered with æternity and WhatsApp to say a big thank you and treat you to a good old-fashioned night out in Stockholm, on us. Expect surprise VIPs and practitioners who use BEAM technology in production in attendance!
Join us at the Münchenbryggeriet for an evening of festivities and good vibes!​


#OpenErlang - Stockholm party gif

Erlang Meetup Stockholm
7 May 2018

Erlang, Past and Future

Join the #OpenErlang celebrations at Erlang Meetup Stockholm's Q2 event! We're excited to welcome Ingela Anderton Andin and her talk "From the cathedral to the bazaar: how open source made Erlang better", and Simone Stefani and his talk "How we teach Elixir to a class of 200 university students".

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#OpenErlang - Stockholm meetup

GoTo Chicago
25-26 April 2018

GOTO Chicago 2018 highlights the technologies, methodologies and skills you need to know today to build systems of the future. Learn about new trends, connect with industry experts, share your passion, and grow your skills.

Erlang Solutions is a proud Bronze sponsor of GOTO Chicago 2018. 

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Events - GoTo Chicago 2018

ElixirConf EU 2018
Warsaw, Poland
16-17 April 2018

We’re proud sponsors of the European conference for Elixir makers.

ElixirConf EU comes from the mastermind behind ElixirConf and Erlang Solutions. It is a community conference created to promote education, networking and collaboration within the Elixir, Erlang, and Ruby communities.

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Events ElixirConf EU 2018

Code BEAM Lite
6 April 2018

Code BEAM Lite conferences, formerly known as Erlang Factory Lites, are community-driven conferences aimed at discovering the future of the Erlang Ecosystem and bringing together developers to share knowledge & ideas, learn from each other and inspire to invent the future.

Code BEAM Lites are action-packed one-day conferences fused with a mix of talks on innovation and open-source applications based on Erlang, OTP, Elixir, LFE, BEAM and other emerging technologies! These conferences are being organised in various locations across 2018. If you would like to co-organise one near you, do reach out!
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Code BEAM Lite | Erlang Elixir Factory Lite

San Francisco
15-16 March 2018

Code BEAM SF conference is our newly launched conference built on the long standing legacy of the Erlang Factory Conferences.

Code BEAM SF conference is all about discovering the future of the Erlang Ecosystem and bringing together developers as a community to share knowledge & ideas, learn from one another and inspire to invent the future. An action-packed two-day conference fused with a mix of talks on innovation and open-source applications based on Erlang, OTP, Elixir, LFE, BEAM and other emerging technologies!
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Code BEAM SF 2018 | San Francisco 15 16 March 2018 Erlang Elixir Factory

Lonestar ElixirConf
Austin, TX
22-24 February 2018

Erlang Solutions is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of Lonestar ElixirConf 2018!

Lonestar ElixirConf is focused on helping web and embedded developers accelerate their organization’s incorporation of scalable and fault-tolerant software into their environment.

Accelerate your Elixir skills at Lonestar ElixirConf to build scalable and fault-tolerant systems! This year, attendees will hear inspiring keynotes from Chris McCord (the creator of the Phoenix Framework), Tim Mecklem (Nerves core team member), and Aaron Patterson (Ruby/Rails core team member).

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Lonestar ElixirConf 2018

Lambda Days 2018
Krakow, Poland
22-23 February 2018

Lambda Days is a one of a kind experience in the functional world.

Scala, Erlang, Haskell, Elixir, F#, Lisp, Clojure, OCaml and many other emerging technologies are more than languages, are new perspectives on how to understand and tackle challenges of every day work. Over the course of two days, six tracks, and 40 talks from 40 speakers, Lambda Days 2018 will focus on the ideas, technologies, paradigms, and languages driving functional programming.

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Events: Lambda Days 2018

London Erlang User Group
1 February 2018

Lessons in using Elixir to achieve business critical outcomes in a mobile startup​
Stealth mobile startup Rekki shares the business case and the motivation behind choosing Elixir / Phoenix / RabbitMQ as its core technology. This is followed by a more technical dive into some of the strategies that created a system that now handles around $10m worth of purchases per month.​

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London Erlang User Group

Erlang User Group Krakow
Krakow, Poland
15 January 2018

Healthy side of functional programming
Let's kick-off 2018 with a thought-provoking discussion on a very serious subject - your health.When discussing programming paradigms a lot of attention is paid to the mathematics and technology. What is missing is the impact they have on the dev's health. Combining ergonomics and cognitive psychology, this talk will try to demonstrate that functional programming inherently requires less typing and less reading, which is better for wrists, spine, and eyes. Functional programming is also better aligned with how a human brain works, thus putting less cognitive load and reducing stress.

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Erlang User Group Krakow | Events Erlang Solutions

Bologna, Italy
25 November 2017

We're thrilled to sponsor NoSlidesConf 2017. NoSlidesConf is about step-by-step technical sessions showing how to get code up and running: 45-minute demos with live changes to code and configuration.​​
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Logo - Event - NoSlidesConf

India Erlang & Elixir Factory Lite
17 November 2017

India - we’re coming for you! The first India Erlang & Elixir Factory Lite will take place in Bangalore this November. Don’t miss speakers like Robert Virding, Francesco Cesarini, and Mark Allen in the first event of its kind in India. Many of the speakers will also be running training workshops around the conference.​
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Logo - Event - India Erlang & Elixir Factory Lite 2017

Code Mesh
7-9 November 2017

Alternative Programming Conference about non-mainstream technologies returns to London between 7-9 November. Keynotes will be given by David Turner, the father of functional programming, Margo Seltzer, creator of Berkeley DB and CS professor, Guy L. Steele, who has played an important role in the development of Common Lisp, Scheme and Java, and Matt Might, Inaugural Director of the Hugh Kaul Personalized Medicine Institute. ​

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Code Mesh 2017 | Events Erlang Solutions

London Erlang User Group
8 November 2017

Improving the Write Scalability of the CernVM File System with Erlang/OTP
CERN fellow Radu Popescu focuses on a new publication architecture at CERN and it's CERNVM. This new architecture is capable of accommodating dynamic strategies for content publishing and improving the scalability of the publication phase. Radu will touch on why they chose Erlang/OTP for implementing certain components of the new architecture.

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London Erlang User Group

London Erlang User Group
19 October 2017

A Case Study in LASP and Distribution at Scale
Chris Meiklejohn will walk us through a case study where LASP is applied in distributed, large-scale systems.  LASP is The Missing Part of Erlang Distribution. It is a suite of libraries aimed at providing a comprehensive programming system for a planetary scale of Elixir and Erlang applications. This is achieved through a set of components that have been designed to work together to provide a comprehensive solution for future Elixir and Erlang applications: large-scale, and geo-distributed.

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London Erlang User Group

London Erlang User Group
11 October 2017

We're joined by Chandru Mullaparthi, former Head of Software Architecture at bet365 and current Chairman of the Industrial Erlang User Group, at the upcoming London Erlang User Group. In his talk, Chandru will draw on his deep industry experience to deep-dive into his talk from SBC News' Betting on Sports event earlier in the year, Building the ideal betting stack

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London Erlang User Group

London Riak Meetup
14 September 2017

Betting on Riak - bet365’s acquisition and its consequences for the product
Hear from bet365 about the background to their acquisition of Riak and their plans to open source the products and contribute to their long term success. Speakers include Andrew Deane, Systems Development Manager at bet365; and Stuart Whitfield, CEO at Erlang Solutions. ​
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logo - bet365

Betting on Sports
13-15 September 2017

The 2nd edition of the largest international sports and betting trade conference in London. The event focuses on everything related to sports and betting, including Esports, Racing, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Darts, Rugby etc. And of course Technology & Innovation. We sponsor, exhibit and talk at this event, so if you plan to attend, come and say hello - we are on stand E4!
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Betting on Sports

ElixirConf US
5-8 September 2017

North America’s premiere Elixir conference, ElixirConf, is back with a bang this September! Offering two days of training, and two days of speakers, the conference is designed to strengthen and nurture the Elixir community. We excited to be doing it all this year - we’re a sponsor, exhibitor, and Claudio is a speaker! And we can offer an exclusive discount code for attendees. If you do attend, be sure to come and say hello!
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ElixirConf US

17 August 2017

A one-day conference that encourages inclusion and diversity within the Elixir programming community. To help to do this, ticket prices start low with Early Bird only £119 + VAT. There are also 30 Free Scholarship places available. Training will also be provided at the conference. Jose Valim, the creator of Elixir is confirmed to keynote!
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Erlang & Elixir Factory Lite
Buenos Aires
30 June 2017

Organised by our colleagues at Inaka, Buenos Aires Erlang Factory Lite is a conference focused on solutions that allow major business branches to benefit from Erlang and Elixir features - scalability, concurrency and fault-tolerance. Workshops are scheduled for 29 June 2017, followed by a one-day conference featuring Simon Thompson - creator of Wrangler and co-author of Erlang Programming, and Francesco Cesarini - Founder and Technology Director of Erlang Solutions.
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Events Elixir Buenos Aires

Erlang User Conference
June 2017

The go-to Erlang event in Europe, Erlang User Conference is yet to announce its lineup, but if 2016 is anything to go by, it will be unmissable. This year's sessions are set to centre around innovation, tools and frameworks, learning, distribution, concurrency, and multicore. Training sessions from leading Erlang specialists are also available before and after the conference, on 7, 12-16 June 2017.
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Event Erlang User Conference

May 2017

ElixirConf is the flagship European conference for Elixir makers. This year, the community conference boasts keynotes from Jose Valim - Elixir creator and Ruby on Rails core team member, and creator of Phoenix Chris McCord. Make sure to drop in on Head of Elixir at Erlang Solutions Claudio Ortolina's talk, which will outline Elixir and Phoenix development with availability as the primary requirement. There’s also a chance to get in on the action early, with a day of tutorials (3 May 2017) preceding the two-day conference.
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Events ElixirConf

Erlang Factory Lite
April 2017

The Rome Erlang Factory Lite is a one-day tech conference focused on the Erlang and Elixir programming languages, as well as the themes of tools, BEAM, frameworks, distribution, concurrency and multi-core. 
We are super pleased to announce that amongst our super speakers you will hear from THE Inventors of Erlang: Robert, Mike and Joe too! Stay tuned with further updates on our event!
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EFL Rome 2017

Erlang & Elixir Factory
San Francisco
March 2017

We have upgraded our hugely popular Erlang Factory - get ready for Erlang & Elixir Factory now!
Our action-packed 2-day conference fused with a mix of talks on innovation and open-source applications based on Erlang, OTP, Elixir, LFE, BEAM and other emerging technologies. And there is still some time to submit your own talk - we are looking for ideas and themes around BEAM, tools, frameworks, distribution, concurrency and multi-core. Get in touch!
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Erlang & Elixir Factory

Lambda Days
February 2017

Lambda Days is a one of a kind experience in the functional world. A journey we will take through different talks, ideas and technologies.To us Scala, Erlang, Haskell, Elixir, F#, Lisp, Clojure, OCaml and many other emerging technologies are more than languages. Come and check for yourself - at Lambda Days we all share pure enjoyment of coding!
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Lambda days

GoTo Accelerate
London, November 2016

A new event in London with a keynote from Geoffrey Moore! Trifork, a global product development and software services company is organising a new style of event in London - GOTO Accelerate, for business leaders, technologists and strategists to address how technological innovation and disruptive invasions can be harnessed to accelerate corporate growth. GOTO Accelerate was a full day conference with a unique speaker line-up of business and technology leaders like Geoffrey Moore, Adrian Cockroft and innovators from Uber, Pearson PLC, Amazon and many more! Erlang Solutions have partnered with iGaming Business to offer a bunch of exclusive invitations to this high-level event.
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Paris Open Source Summit
Paris, November 2016

We were delighted to officially launched our messaging platform MongooseIM 2.0.0 at the POOS (Paris Open Source Summit). Our team were very busy with demoing the recent updates and networking with many mobile developers. 
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Conferences Events

Code Mesh
London, November 2016

Alternative Programming Conference. Code Mesh focuse on promoting useful non-mainstream technologies to the software industry. The underlying theme is "the right tool for the job", as opposed to automatically choosing the tool at hand. In November, we brought together users and inventors of different languages and technologies (new and old) and aimed to raise awareness and extend the knowledge of all participants, mainstream and non-mainstream users alike.
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Code Mesh

ElixirConf US
Orlando, September 2016

ElixirConf is all about Elixir, Phoenix, OTP, Web and Embedded. We are proud to be one of the main sponsors of the ElixirConf! A highly anticipated event to focus on advancing the Elixir programming language and the communities surrounding it, ElixirConf brought together developers, from novice to experienced, to discuss, collaborate, and socialise.
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Erlang User Conference
Stockholm, September 2016

The oldest Erlang event in the world that has been happening every year since 1994, except in 1996 when the community were busy developing the first version of OTP. A two-day conference that’s hosted in Stockholm, Erlang’s birthplace and a pivotal home to the community. In 2016 we welcomed some Erlang legends, provided the innovative training and tutorials and opened networking with interesting people!
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Erlang User Conference Stockholm

iGaming Super Show
Amsterdam, June 2016

Largest dedicated iGaming exhibition and conference. For over four years we have been providing support to some of the largest online gambling & betting companies that use the Erlang programming language and Erlang products such as Riak and RabbitMQ. We are proud to see our work playing a part in the recent increase in interest and adoption of Erlang for this sector. Between 7-10 June we were at the iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam, the biggest exhibition and conference in the online gambling & betting industry. Our CEO Stuart Withfield, Managing Director for Nordics Martin Creathorn, VP of EMEA Mladen Miliksic and Business Manager Stephen Goldby were attending. We also sponsored the Executive Conference on Thursday.
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igaming supershow erlang

Berlin, May 2016

ElixirConf.EU - The European Conference for Elixir Makers. Erlang Solutions sponsored second European edition of the ElixirConf in funky Berlin on 11-12 May. Thank you to all 340 of us, who made this such an incredible event. Enjoy the slides and videos on our YouTube channel - and see you in Barcelona in 2017!
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Erlang Factory SF
San Francisco, March 2016

Hugely popular Erlang & Elixir event in California!
Our action-packed 2-day conference (10-11 March) with training courses and tutorials before and after the event (07-09 & 14-16 March) was back! The hippest companies in Silicon Valley use Erlang/OTP, so it’s no surprise that this is was a hugely popular Erlang event. It united the US Erlang and Elixir Communities and gave the unconverted a chance to hear first-hand accounts from experienced techies using it in production. 
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Erlang Factory, San Francisco

Paris & Brussels, January 2016

XMPP Summit 19 once again took place in Brussels on 28 and 29 January, in tandem with FOSDEM on 30 and 31 January. The XSF organizes periodic in-person gatherings in order to coordinate high-bandwidth conversations, interop testing, brainstorming and planning, and to conduct other XSF business face-to-face. In January we were presenting the newest features of MongooseIM, including mobile group chat, and (re)connection optimisation. We were delighted to sponsor XSF for the third year in a row. 
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fosdem xmpp

Meetup with Goldman Sachs
London, January 2016

Building Goldman Sachs' next gen cluster management system. It was a great meetup and talk to gain a brief overview of Goldman Sachs' new platform and some of the goals and challenges that they are trying to solve by using Erlang and Riak_Core. Speakers: Roman Shestakov - VP at Goldman Sachs and a member of RPG Infra Team (RunTime Practices Team) Alex Tringham - Software Engineer, Enterprise Platforms at Goldman Sachs.
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Goldman Sachs

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