The Future for Erlang Solutions

Our Founder and Technical Director, Francesco Cesarini, shares our vision for the future and reveals our refreshed brand.

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Refining our path.

Erlang Solutions have recently turned 20, but growing up does not mean getting old. It means being able to adapt to change whilst remaining true to who we are. Looking forward to the next twenty years, the time has come to bring Erlang Solutions to the next level.

We listened to our internal teams, community influencers, customers and representatives from the industries we want to build stronger relationships with to help us understand how our brand can serve others better and become more purposeful.

With Erlang having grown up from being a programming language to an ecosystem of languages, tools and deployment capabilities, our delivery capabilities have also evolved. This has resulted in a brand refresh which will allow us to bring not only Erlang Solutions but also Erlang, Elixir and other BEAM languages to new audiences whilst helping our existing users make the transition to containerisation, orchestration and other cloud native technologies.

What does this mean for you?

The core of Erlang Solutions has since its inception been around our capabilities, consultancy and community. Paired together with values around teamwork & knowledge sharing, passion & fun and sustainability makes who we are. That is not going to change. On the contrary, our brand refresh is about committing more of our focus and energy into doing the things we have done best for the past 20 years. 

What will change is our ability to reach out to new markets in need of scalable and resilient solutions, combining our knowledge of the BEAM with other and new tools and technologies that we are keen to learn and adopt. It also creates a renewed commitment in continuing to grow our community.

We stay humble.

A brand refresh means a new logo, and as much as we are excited to reveal it today we are also humbled to remember our heritage. Our much loved Erlang Solutions squiggly logo and its Elixir twin have over the years been adopted by the community. Originally derived from the 1942 LM Ericsson logo, it served us well over the past 20 years and we hope it will continue serving the community now.  So don’t be surprised if you see our new Erlang Solutions logo in presence of both the Erlang and Elixir logos at community related activities and events, or on people’s laptops and hoodies.

It all stays in the community.

Join us in our journey, helping amplify the impact our amazing team has made throughout the years. We opted for evolution instead of revolution. Evolution not only of a brand, but of a programming language, an ecosystem, a community and a customer base.

This is to you, us and the next twenty years,
Francesco and Erlang Solutions Team 

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