NEWS: Erlang Solutions partners with EMQ

by Stuart Whitfield

EMQ – the world’s Leading Provider of IoT Messaging and Streaming Platform – and Erlang Solutions – the world’s leading provider of Erlang and Elixir Solutions, sign channel distribution agreement across the USA and Europe.

Press Release | San Jose – April 9th 2019

San Jose US, London UK and Hangzhou, China: As IoT continues its explosive growth across the world, from autonomous vehicles to smart home devices, from Smart City Infrastructure to telecom grade IoT solutions, enterprise systems seek a more efficient, secure and faster communication mechanism. Companies are continuously turning to MQTT – and specifically EMQ – for stable enterprise class solutions. And supporting customers on a local basis has become an absolute prerequisite.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership. Our business is growing rapidly and Erlang Solutions possess the architectural and network expertise and additional product solutions that complement our EMQ X broker software solutions perfectly. They have offices all over Europe and presence in the US that will enable us to support our customers with greater efficiency.” - says Feng Lee, CEO and Founder of EMQ.

“We have demonstrated that we are the go-to solution for MQTT and the only open source provider to offer full MQTT V.5.0 support. We back that up with world class support and consulting services. Now EMQ and Erlang Solutions experts will be on hand in local geographies to have detailed conversations about solutions, and demonstrate how we can jointly help our customers build massively scalable and secure IoT systems.” - says Dylan Kennedy, VP of Global Operations at EMQ.

“We have been following the EMQ X broker since its inception, seeing it go from strength to strength. Alongside our expertise in the XMPP and AMQP, we are delighted to add MQTT to the suite of messaging protocols we officially support.” - says Francesco Cesarini, Founder and Technical Director at Erlang Solutions. “It will allow us to jointly help our customers with the development and deployment of end to end solutions in the IoT space.”

About EMQ

Founded in 2012, the Hangzhou EMQ Technologies Co., Ltd.’s mission was to create a massively scalable, highly available, MQTT-based message broker using the best tool for the job, the Erlang open source language. EMQ X Open Source was released in 2013, and is deployed in millions of IoT-connected devices worldwide.

EMQ X Enterprise is the commercial version that offers a highly extensible, feature-rich security software suite, as well as world-class support deployed to support tens of millions of devices. EMQ is headquartered in Hangzhou, China, and has offices in Beijing, Frankfurt and Silicon Valley, California. Visit our partner’s website for further information. To contact the team, email or call Dylan Kennedy, SVP of Global Operations, at +1 (408) 476-1873 email:

About Erlang Solutions

Founded in 1999, Erlang Solutions Ltd. is an international technology company building trusted, fault-tolerant systems that can scale to billions of users. Erlang Solutions offers world-leading consultancy in the Erlang and Elixir - open source programming languages and for a range of leading messaging protocols: AMQP, MQTT and XMPP.

With over 80 experts based across London (HQ), Stockholm, Krakow, Budapest and satellite offices in the Americas, Erlang Solutions works with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500, including WhatsApp, Klarna, Pivotal, Motorola, Toyota Connected, Ericsson and aeternity the blockchain company to mention a few. For more information, visit or get in touch with Stuart Whitfield, CEO, at

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