Building the ideal technology stack for online gambling & betting

by Areege Al Zubaidi

Over the years, we gained great insight into the industry. Erlang is uniquely suited to address the biggest technological challenges of Online Gambling & Betting companies:


The Challenge
New products and features must be released fast and often to keep market advantage and stay relevant.

Innovation with Erlang
With support for millions of lightweight processes, Erlang allows you to build massively concurrent and fault tolerant applications very quickly. Erlang’s functional paradigm makes program outputs much easier to predict, therefore easier to debug and analyse.


The Challenge
Applications must scale and behave predictably during high traffic or sudden peaks in demand, such as World Cup Finals or the Superbowl.

Scale with Erlang
With its background in telecommunications, Erlang excels in handling message explosion and multiplexing – the generation of a cascade of messages out to individual users starting from a single event. This multiplexing can span hundreds of servers in a coherent way that maintains message delivery order.


The Challenge
If an online gambling and betting system crashes, it needs to recover so quickly no one will ever notice it failed. Live bets can’t fall through the cracks!

Reliability with Erlang
Erlang’s concurrency, it’s no-shared memory architecture and built-in ‘fail and recover’ approach make it behave extremely gracefully and predictably under highly variable stochastic load. This makes Erlang ideal to build critical gambling and betting systems on.

Real time

The Challenge
Information about odds must be delivered with enough speed that it stays actionable during bet placing.

Real time with Erlang
Because of Erlang’s soft real time properties inherited from the telephony world, reactions to external events occur in microseconds, allowing for timely responses.


The Challenge
You must have complete ‘under the hood’ visibility, to be able to control your systems and make fixes yourself.

Self reliance with Erlang
Erlang was open sourced in 1998, and it has a mature ecosystem and an active community whom you can ask for knowledge sharing. Erlang also has WombatOAM, a full visibility performance monitoring and maintenance tool.

Speed and uptime

The Challenge
Operators want to release fast and with as little downtime as possible.

Speed and uptime with Erlang
Erlang is designed for 24/7 applications allowing the dynamic upgrading of running production systems. With its built-in support for distributed code delivery you can upgrade a farm of servers from one host.

Building the ideal betting stack

Chandru Mullaparthi, former Head of Software Architecture at bet365, recently joined the London Erlang User Group to discuss his thoughts on what makes up the ideal technology stack to meet all of the challenges within fast-paced, modern industries like online gambling and betting:

Learn more about Erlang for Online Gambling & Betting.

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