9 unmissable upcoming Erlang + Elixir events

by Areege Al Zubaidi

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A Case Study in LASP and Distribution at Scale - London, UK

Chris Meiklejohn, lover of distributed systems and programming languages, and Basho alumni, will be at the London Erlang User Group to discuss a case study where Lasp is applied in distributed, large scale systems.

What you need to know
Location: Erlang Solutions HQ, E1 8PY, London
Time & Date: 18:30 BST, Thursday 19 October 2017
Free event - just RSVP

Code Mesh - The Alternative Programming Conference - London, UK

We’re excited to sponsor Code Mesh 2017, which returns to London this November. Keynotes include Margo Seltzer’s Automatically Scalable Computation, Guy L. Steele’s A Cobbler’s Child, David Turner’s Some History of Functional Programming Languages, and Matt Might’s Winning the War on Error.

What you need to know
ILEC Conference Centre, SW6 1UD, London
Time & Date: Tuesday 7 - Thursday 9 November 2017
Ticketed event - Early bird tickets available
Get 10% off Code Mesh tickets with our exclusive code: ESLmeetup10

How to build distributed applications with Erlang - Milan, Italy

Gabriele Santomaggio, developer at Erlang Solutions, returns to CodeMotion to look at how one can use Erlang and/or Elixir to create a distributed application through the OTP libraries. Facebook, Whatsapp, and other large companies utilize these technologies, but we will see how they can be used in real terms through real-life cases.

What you need to know
Location: BASE, Via Bergognone 34, 20144, Milan
Time & Date: Wednesday 8 - Saturday 11 November 2017
Ticketed event - Special ticket prices available now

Øredev 2017 - Next Gen Developer Conference - Malmö, Sweden

For developers in Sweden, we’ll be at Øredev 2017, the perfect blend of in-depth workshops and conference sessions. Erlang Solutions’ Head of Elixir, Claudio Ortolina, will be there with two talks; GenStage by Example and Practical Elixir Flow.

What you need to know
Slagthuset Exhibition & Conference Center, Malmö
Time & Date: Tuesday 7 - Friday 10 November 2017
Ticketed event - 20% group discounts available

Erlang, Func You Up! - Stockholm, Sweden

This meetup is for newbies. Come to meet experienced consultants, and ask any question you want about Erlang, Elixir, LFE, Lua. Bring your hobby projects to work on, or ask for a review of your code. If you are willing to display your code on a TV screen, it can be a shared learning experience.

What you need to know
Erlang Solutions, Saltmätargatan 5, 2tr, Stockholm
Time & Date: 18:00 CET, Wednesday 15 November 2017
Free event - just RSVP

India Erlang & Elixir Factory Lite - The First Ever! - Bangalore, India

India - we’re coming for you! The final schedule for India Erlang and Elixir Factory Lite in Bangalore has been published. Don’t miss speakers like Robert Virding, Francesco Cesarini, and Mark Allen in the first event of its kind in India. Many of the speakers will also be running training workshops around the conference.

What you need to know
Fortune Park JP Celestial Hotel, Race Course Road, Bangalore
Time & Date: Friday 17 November 2017
Ticketed conference - Tickets still available

Paris Open Source Summit 2017 - Paris, France

Erlang Solutions’ MongooseIM team will join the XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) at this year’s Paris Open Source Summit. Be sure to come and say Hi to the team at the XSF members village! MongooseIM product owner Nicolas Vérité will also be speak, presenting “Open source : non-assistance à UX en danger”.

What you need to know
Les Docks de Paris
Time & Date: Wednesday 6 - Thursday 7 December 2017
Free exhibition passes - Get yours here

Lambda Days 2018 - Kraków, Poland

Mary Sheeran, Philip Wadler, Felienne Hermans, Robert Virding and Kevin Hammond are just a few of the amazing people who dedicate their time to review Lambda Days 2018 talk proposals. Want to pick their brains about that cool new project of yours? Submit your paper!

What you need to know
Auditorium Maximum UJ, Kraków
Time & Date: Thursday 22 February - Friday 23 February 2018
Ticketed conference - Early bird tickets still available

ElixirConf EU - European Conference For Elixir Makers - Warsaw, Poland

Following on from the success of ElixirConf EU 2017 in Barcelona earlier in the year, ElixirConf EU 2018 Warsaw is already on our radar. The main European conference for Elixir, ElixirConf EU has already confirmed José Valim and Chris McCord as keynotes. Training will also be available.

What you need to know
Hilton Warsaw Hotel & Convention Centre, Warsaw
Time & Date: Monday 16 - Wednesday 18 April 2018
Ticketed conference - Early bird tickets available

Catch up on past Erlang + Elixir events

ElixirLDN 2017
Catch up on all of the talks, and some special Q&As, from ElixirLDN 2017 for free. Watch now →

Erlang User Conference Stockholm 2017
All of the talks from Europe’s leading Erlang conference were recorded, available now! Watch now →

Erlang & Elixir Factory Lite Buenos Aires 2017
We hosted Erlang & Elixir Factory Lite in Buenos Aires this year. Catch up on the talks! Watch now →

ElixirConf EU 2017 Barcelona
The world’s leading Elixir conference came to Barcelona in 2017, and we were there! Watch now →

Erlang & Elixir Factory San Francisco 2017
We have 50+ videos in our playlist from Erlang & Elixir Factory San Francisco! Catch up now! Watch now →

On language design - Robert Virding @ NewCrafts 17
Watch Robert Virding, co-creator of Erlang, discuss his thoughts on language design. Watch now →

Back on your feet - Claudio Ortolina @ ElixirConf 2017
Erlang Solutions Head of Elixir was at ElixirConf US speaking about resilient Elixir applications. Watch now →

Chaos Engineering - Michal Slaski @ Code Europe 2017
Catch MongooseIM Technical Lead Michal Slaski’s talk (in Polish) on chaos engineering. Watch now →

Painlessly functional & concurrent - Claudio Ortolina @ Craft Conf 2017
Claudio Ortolina presents an introduction to Elixir in his talk from Craft Conference. Watch now →

Betting on Riak - bet365’s acquisition and its consequences
We hosted bet365 in at the recent London Erlang User Group. See what they had to say! Watch now →

RefactorErl - Melinda Tóth @ Stockholm Erlang meetup
Catch up on Melinda Tóth’s insightful talk on RefactorErl at a recent Erlang meetup. Watch now →

Data efficiency on the BEAM - Dmytro Lytovchenko
Dmytro Lytovchenko, Erlang whisperer, shares his thoughts on efficiency on the BEAM. Watch now →

Python & Erlang: a match made in heaven - John Sommerfeld
S2HC’s John Sommerfeld makes his case for why Python + Erlang just works. Catch his talk now! Watch now →

Return of experience on XMPP meetup in Kraków - recap blog post
Recap of the May XMPP meetup in Kraków, inspired by the adage ‘done is better than perfect.’ Read now →

Want more from the world of functional programming? We’re at Code Mesh 2017 in November!

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