Press Releases

26 Apr 2010

Hans Nilsson joins Erlang Solutions as Senior Consultant

Erlang Solutions Ltd, the global leader in Erlang services,  proudly welcomes one of the world's most experienced and capable Erlang experts into our team.

12 Apr 2010

Erlang Solutions Ltd. and Quviq AB. Cement Partnership to Deliver Test Driven Development to the Market

Broad enterprise demand for fault-free products and services causes rapid uptake of sophisticated, automated testing.

30 Mar 2010

Erlang Solutions, Ltd. and Basho Technologies, Inc. Enter Broad Partnership to Deliver Scalable, Fault Tolerant Applications to a Global Market.

Enormous opportunity as relational database model begins to fail under the strain of Big Data and the Internet.

08 Feb 2010

Erlang Training & Consulting Ltd celebrates 10 year of business as the leading Erlang services provider and becomes Erlang Solutions Ltd

Erlang Solutions proudly announces the company’s 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, Erlang Solutions has evolved from a training and consulting company to a provider of end-to-end Erlang services. And the trend continues today as Erlang Solutions is still expanding not only into new lines of business but also into new markets.

01 Feb 2010

Erlang Training and Consulting Rebrands as ERLANG SOLUTIONS

Erlang Solutions - the leading international provider of Erlang services announces its re-branding from Erlang Training and Consulting at the beginning of 2010.

04 Jan 2010

Nasza Klasa launches NKtalk in cooperation with Erlang Solutions

Nasza Klasa (NK), Poland's biggest social networking site, with over 13 million active Users,  launches its new web-based IM service, called NKtalk with the help of Erlang Solutions Ltd.