Webinar Registration 3rd Mar 2021 5:30 pm GMT

Elixir OTP Design Lessons from Hardware.

Learn how to write great Elixir code for hardware applications.

Elixir OTP design lessons from hardware

What to expect in this webinar?

Writing specialized Elixir programs starts always with writing great Elixir whether you are building a web application, moving data, or going back to Erlang’s roots to work with hardware.


In this session, Bruce Tate talks about how to build a binary clock, and how very little of that problem is related to Nerves. Along the way, we’ll think about abstractions including the constructor-reducer-converter strategy, and the software layers introduced in Designing Elixir Systems with OTP.

Speaker: Bruce Tate

Bruce Tate
Founder at Groxio

Bruce Tate is a long time friend of Erlang Solutions and an always popular speaker and webinar host. Over his career he has helped start three companies and most recently served as CTO for icanmakeitbetter.

As an author Bruce has published more than a dozen books in more than 10 countries, including the extremely popular seven languages in seven weeks. His love for teaching and computer languages led him to found Groxio in 2018 and his passion for Elixir has seen him run two Elixir conferences (Gig City Elixir and Lonestar Elixir.