Technology Trends in Fintech 2022 White Paper

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5 technology themes for financial services in 2022

  • Tips for a successful tech strategy in financial services
  • How to build a successful fintech team
  • Which technologies are changing the competitive landscape
  • More about the secret sauce programming languages powering some of the most successful global fintech firms
  • The power of Open Source tech and how to use it


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This report is for you if you’re:

– a technologist trying to add context to the challenges and opportunities of fintech for management

– a non-technical business leader seeking to better understand the complexities of fintech




“Here we bring you a report that describes some of the technologies needed to be competitive, agile and innovative in this new age of human-centric technology.”

Phil Harrison, CCO Trifork Fintech & Erlang Solutions

“With lessons learned from the pandemic, best practice system architecture and software engineering must prioritise fault-tolerance and reliability. We’ve been advocating this for decades, first in the telecoms space, and later in fintech.”

Francesco Cesarini, Technical Lead and Founder, Erlang Solutions

“We are at a point in time with an opportunity to take advantage of the tools at our disposal to develop and deploy them for the public good. The potential benefit for individuals and society, economic, social, psychological, is immense.”

Lord Chris Holmes of Richmond MBE

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