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Moving from one technology can bring significant benefits to your business, saving you time and resources in the long term. To reap the benefits the migration needs to be handled with care. Our team are experts at ensuring your legacy systems are moved to their new environment in a way that will give you the most value. One of the most common drivers for companies to migrate is to increase the security and scalability of their systems. Our team are the world-leading experts at solving exactly those types of problems. Whether you’re moving from another programming language to Erlang, Kafka to RabbitMQ, Ruby-on-Rails to Elixir, eJabbered to MongooseIM or another combination of technologies, we’ll help you to ensure your system can handle the needs of your users.

The benefits of Elixir

Discover why Elixir is one of the fastest growing in-production languages for enterprise companies.


With 4 to 20 times less code required your solutions will be delivered in less time. Smaller systems are also easier to manage, maintain and update.


Solutions on the BEAM VM have 10-100 times fewer vulnerabilities in the CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) database than other languages like PHP, JavaScript, Java.

More users

Erlang and Elixir have the scalability and fault-tolerance mechanisms that handle millions of parallel users during peak hours AND withstand denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.


Systems built on the BEAM VM are famous for their error handling, reliability and fault-tolerance. There are real, long-term in-production examples of systems with 99.999% uptime.

Sustainable and cost-effective

Smaller codebases also lead to a reduction in the needs for physical infrastructure with some clients being able to downsize from 150 servers to 5 while growing their user base.

Bleacher Report

Who says you can’t have everything? We worked with Bleacher Report to help them move their system from Ruby to Elixir.rnrnRead the case study.

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Elixir Bleacher Report

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“I spoke with two CTOs I know who utilise Elixir and they both recommended Erlang Solutions. They were able to come in with their expertise, help us establish best practice and give us confidence that going forward our systems would be efficient and reliable.”

Dave Marks – CTO – Bleacher Report


Elixir is the perfect language for developing prototypes. It requires fewer lines of code per feature than most languages and hot code reloading allows you to make changes to a production environment. On top of that, starting with Elixir gives you confidence your system will easily scale up and grow as you achieve success.

Design Workshops

Need to turn your business logic into software but not sure where to start? Our full-stack Elixir capabilities will help you find the right solution-from embedded devices with Nerves, WebApps in LiveView or Machine learning in Nx. We’re here to help you find software that serves your business needs. rn

Code & Architecture Reviews

Prevention is always better than cure. Our code and architecture reviews will identify bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities and other improvements to give you a chance to address them before they impact your performance. We’ll provide an in-depth analysis full of actionable recommendations to help you improve your system

Core Infrastructure

One of Elixir’s underrated superpowers is its ability to bring together disparate systems with ease. The error handling of the BEAM,combined with its ability to spin off lightweight processes makes it easy to bring multiple parts of the core infrastructure together- all whilst managing any impedance mismatches


If you’re ready to start taking advantage of Elixir, we’ve worked on countless projects to move systems from large legacy monoliths across to a new Elixir platform. We’ll ensure it is done in a logical and manageable way that is in line with the demands of your business.rn

Embedded Developers

Got an Elixir project that needs some extra work? Our team can embed into yours, providing our expertise and development capacity to ensure your project is as successful as possible- without compromising on deadlines. rn

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