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We focus on business outcomes using expert consultancy and software engineering designed to tackle the ever-changing challenges of today’s financial services industry.

Our core technologies based on the Erlang and Elixir programming languages are used in Fortune 500 financial firms and FinTech startups alike due to the baked-in high uptime and resilience they provide.

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Erlang Solutions use deep tech capabilities to build and deliver transformative solutions for the world’s most ambitious companies. We prototype, build, and monitor solutions for payment systems, backend services, digital lending, clearing and settlement services, blockchain and digital assets custody. We also produce great content on building massively scalable, reliable systems for financial services firms.

Our Financial Services Clients and Partners

Scalability issues continue to plague modern blockchains, innovative, comprehensible, and truly revolutionary solutions must be pursued if æternity was ever to achieve widespread adoption. We are thrilled to collaborate with Erlang Solutions to work towards overcoming these challenges.

Yanislav Malahov Founder of æternity