Riak Introductory Training

  • Expertise
  • Target audience Ops/devops who are new to Riak
  • Duration 1 day
  • Prerequisites

    Basic Linux admin experience
    Familiarity with terminal/console

When resilience, scalability and reliability come to the forefront, few solutions do it as well as Riak. In this introductory course, we’ll introduce you to basic Riak concepts, show you how to stand up a single node for development purposes, put together a production ready cluster and then replicate data to another cluster. This course is ideal for people who want to gain a basic footing in Riak.


  • Gain an understanding of the basic concepts behind Riak.
  • Learn how to easily stand up a single node for development testing.
  • The basic concepts for the different ways of querying Riak.
  • Practice building a production ready cluster.
  • Discover how to sync data between two clusters.


  • Ring concepts.
  • Data retention methods.
  • Query methods.
  • Riak installation and configuration.
  • System tuning.
  • Scaling a cluster.
  • Multi-Cluster Replication.
  • Basic troubleshooting.


  • It will give you knowledge you can pull out any time in a “How do we solve this?” situation.
  • Offers a replacement for Postgres that actually runs on the BEAM.
  • It helps avoid common pitfalls that many new users fall into.

Nicholas Adams
Director OF Global Support Operations at T.I TOKYO

Nicholas is a British IT engineer living in Japan, early adopter of tech, early discarder of tech, legacy user and Head of Global Support for TI Tokyo, running the team that provides 24/7/365 Enterprise Grade support for Riak.

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