RabbitMQ for Beginners

  • Expertise
  • Target audience Software developers & engineers
  • Duration 5 half-days
  • Prerequisites

    Programming background (Erlang OTP, Elixir, Haskell, Java, .NET, Python etc)


Starts at 2022-03-14 9:00 am
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Learn the basics, from how to install, configure, and develop applications using RabbitMQ. Our course has plenty of examples to draw inspiration from.  We’ll illustrate techniques and approaches that will help with setting the right foundations for new projects as well as taking existing projects to the next level. With your needs in mind we will venture into more advanced topics including clustering, high availability, plugins, performance and security, giving a full understanding of RabbitMQ capabilities in these areas. This course includes a hands-on project where a full system is built, using RabbitMQ as the messaging bus, with all concepts learnt during the training being put into practice.


  • Understanding RabbitMQ and AMQP concepts
  • Installing and operating RabbitMQ
  • Optimizing and performance tuning RabbitMQ
  • Deploying real world, resilient RabbitMQ architectures
  • Building distributed microservices based messaging applications with RabbitMQ


  • It gives you a good, solid understanding of RabbitMQ and principles of AMQP
  • Helps you design distributed and decoupled microservice architectures with RabbitMQ
  • Helps you understand different messaging patterns for efficiently routing messages across multiple applications
  • Helps you understand clustered RabbitMQ installations and problems encountered in distributed messaging systems and how to solve them
  • Teaches you how to configure RabbitMQ for different performance and operation needs
  • Equips you with the necessary skill to carry out advanced RabbitMQ optimizations and tuning
  • Teaches you how to troubleshoot and resolve common RabbitMQ problems typically encountered in production environments
  • Gives you practical skills and knowledge on how to install and manage RabbitMQ instances as well as designing and building an entire microservices messaging system based on RabbitMQ
Lajos Gerecs


Starts at 2022-03-14 9:00 am
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