MongooseIM Training

  • Expertise
  • Target audience Software developers, Devops specialists
  • Duration 3 days
  • Prerequisites

    Good knowledge of Unix shell, Erlang and Java

A comprehensive introduction to all aspects of MongooseIM, from the protocol it is handling, through configuration, installing and running a cluster, to debugging and extending. Combining theory and practical exercises, this course gives a prospective MongooseIM developer or an operator of a MongooseIM cluster a good starting point for further learning. 


  • Understanding XMPP
  • The architecture of MongooseIM
  • Compile, install, start and monitor MongooseIM
  • Move around in MongooseIM code, getting debug info
  • understanding principles of extending XMPP
  • ways to customise MongooseIM


  • XMPP – basics and extensions 
  • Installing MongooseIM
  • Basic configuration
  • Architecture
  • Logs and metrics
  • Clustering and scaling
  • Debugging
  • Extending XMPP
  • Extending MongooseIM
Piotr Nosek
Software Architect at Erlang Solutions

Erlang has been Piotr's the first and only love in the professional life for 9 years already. While not implementing new software for Santa's factory, he usually helps in building various chat systems.
His specialisations are XMPP and mobile communication and he is an experienced member of MongooseIM server team.

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