How to Run Remote Workshops

  • Expertise
  • Target audience Anyone who would like to learn or improve their online teaching skills
  • Duration Half a day

A workshop for team leads, managers and trainers who want to run workshops and training effectively.


  • Creating Content for Online Presentation – 

How to structure your workshops

Balancing talk, slides, demos, exercises and breaks

Preparing for unexpected situations

  • Delivering Online Workshops

Presentation tips for engaging with remote audiences

How to stay on track and on schedule when you’re online

Juggling the channels – video, voice and chat

Audience interaction: polls and quizzes

Mixing it up: group exercises and breakout rooms

  • Technical Tips for Online Workshops

Cameras, microphone and streaming

Understanding screen sharing

Using multiple devices and cameras

Greenscreens and virtual cameras

  • Digital Collaboration Tools

Virtual whiteboard with Jamboard

Collaborative diagrams with Miro

Remote control: going beyond screen sharing

Followed by discussion and Q and A

Dylan Beattie
Software developer, technical speaker and musician

Dylan Beattie created his first web page in 1992. With nearly 25 years’ experience as a professional developer, he’s worked on everything from static websites to distributed microservice architectures.
He has been speaking at technology events and meetups for over 10 years, and recordings of his presentations have been watched online by over two million people. From 2017 to 2019 he was the Chief Technology Officer at Skills Matter in London, managing the technology platform used to promote and deliver Skills Matter’s portfolio of conferences, community events and meetups. Throughout 2020 Dylan worked with NDC Conferences to help them adapt their international conferences to the online format, working directly with speakers, attendees and partners to solve the technical and logistical problems of online events.

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