Building a live-band performance game with LiveView

  • Expertise
  • Target audience People interested in learning Elixir and LiveView
  • Duration Half a day
  • Prerequisites
    • Programming skills in any language
    • Familiarity with matching is recommended as well as familiarity with GenServer
    • Knowledge of HTML and CSS


Starts at 2021-02-09 9:30 pm
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The goal of this course is to create a fun and interesting LiveView application called Jam Room which enables you to play in a virtual band. The purpose is to learn LiveView and Elixir while doing something fun!

This is a course for Elixir or LiveView beginners who have some background in web development and know the fundamentals of HTML and web development. We will go over some socket concepts, Elixir concepts and HTML concepts with our focus mostly on the LiveView aspects. This will require some focus on GenServers, so we will go over those as well.


  • Learn basic Elixir
  • Learn the principles of Live view
  • Learn about basic socket-based apps
Hassan Shaikley
Software Engineer at Weedmaps

Hassan Shaikley is Software Engineer III at Weedmaps where he writes and reviews code written in Elixir.

He is interested in functional programming, React & creating beautiful and organized frontends, game servers, Elixir/Erlang/BEAM, and distributed computation as well as embedded programming with Nerves. He feels very fond towards the BEAM due to it being an ingenious implementation of the actor model.

He spends his free time tinkering with hardware and software, playing the guitar, gardening, making games, playing Mercy on Overwatch and playing Animal Crossing.


Starts at 2021-02-09 9:30 pm
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