Build a cryptocurrency app with Phoenix LiveView

  • Expertise
  • Target audience Developers who want to learn Phoenix LiveView
  • Duration 2 half-days
  • Prerequisites
    • Familiarity with Elixir and OTP, like GenServer and Supervisor.
    • Familiarity with Phoenix, just know how to build a simple Phoenix web app.


LiveView is a new game-changing library that gives you wings, drastically simplifying and speeding up the development of interactive, real-time Phoenix web applications. LiveView gives you a competitive edge, while allowing you to experiment with faster iterations and faster time to market!

In this course you’ll learn how to use Phoenix LiveView while building a real-time cryptocurrency application. 

We’ll start learning LiveView from scratch, but if you’d like to get the most out from this course you’ll need to know a bit of Elixir and Phoenix.


  • Phoenix LiveView to build a real-time application.
  • LiveView with Tailwindcss and Alpine.js
  • How to build a LiveView web app on the top of an existing Elixir application.
  • Phoenix PubSub
  • CI/CD pipeline to deploy our application


  • Present an existing Elixir application and introduce the Cryptocurrency Exchanges concepts.
  • Contexts and PubSub
  • First contact with Phoenix LiveView
  • How Phoenix LiveView works
  • Layouts and LiveEEx templates
  • User interactions with bindings, clicks and form events
  • LiveComponents
  • LiveSocket params
  • JS interop with Javascript Hooks. 
  • Real-time JS charts
  • Live Navigation
  • LiveView with Tailwindcss and Alpine.js


  • Helps you to easily get you up and running with LiveView.
  • This course is not just on how to use Phoenix LiveView. Instead, it’s a journey where we go through the full development of a real LiveView application.

Alvise Susmel
Software Engineer, CTO, Founder of

Passionate Software Engineer, in love with Elixir and windsurfing.
In the last 5 years, Alvise has been CTO in a London-based hedge fund, developing at the same time a deep interest for teaching.
Eager to learn new technologies, paradigms and architectures, he's been contributing to the Elixir community writing articles on

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