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Tutorial Distributed Live Tracing - Online

Expertise: Intermediate

Target audience: Software Developers & Engineers

Duration: 4 hours

Prerequisities: Practical experience of Erlang or Elixir


  • Understanding of the low level mechanism of tracing
  • Understanding of where tracing fits into the development flow
  • Understanding tracing in a single noe
  • Understanding tracing in a distributed cluster

Course Outline
The course covers the topics of tracing in the BEAM virtual machine. It is applicable for both Erlang and Elixir as most libraries are the same. The course covers the following tracing libraries:

  • Built-in tracer
  • dbg
  • redbug/rexbug
    The course gives practical advice for tracing on a live system let it be a single node or a distributed cluster. We will discuss how tracing can complement logging and monitoring.

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Distributed Live Tracing Tutorial


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