RabbitMQ Expert Training Fast Track - Online

Expertise: Expert

Target audience: Software Developers and Engineers

Duration: 1 day


  • Good programming skills in another language


  • Understand RabbitMQ underlying fundamentals of Erlang OTP
  • Understand the design and architecture of RabbitMQ
  • Understand how RabbitMQ implements and processes AMQP
  • Understand internal implementation of messaging components (queues, exchanges, etc)
  • Understand how RabbitMQ stores messages
  • Learn how to design, build and package RabbitMQ plugins (hands-on coding of a plugin)
  • Advanced Erlang & RabbitMQ support and maintenance techniques

Course Outline A one-day online training to take you to the next level! This is a fast track version of the RabbitMQ Expert Training and covers all the theoretical aspects of the three-day course without any lab works. The course contains the following topics:

Erlang Fundamentals

  • The Erlang Programming Language
  • The Erlang Shell and Node
  • Erlang Distribution
  • Sequential Erlang
  • Concurrent Erlang
  • OTP

RabbitMQ Internal Design & Architecture

  • AMQP processing
  • Connection & Channel Implementations
  • Queue Implementation
  • Internode communication (delegates)
  • RabbitMQ Flow Control
  • Message Storage

RabbitMQ Initializatio

  • RabbitMQ Start Scripts
  • RabbitMQ Boot Procedures
  • Node Status

Plugin Development

  • Designing & implementing plugins
  • Packaging and installing plugins

Advanced Support Techniques

  • Troubleshooting
  • Tracing & Profiling RabbitMQ

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