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In a sector that isn’t famed for its customer service, we’re proud to be the exception. We get to know our customers  well so that we have a clear understanding of them and their needs. We're collaborative and make sure a client's ideas are factored into our high-performance, end-to-end web and mobile applications. But, whatever we're developing, the end user is kept front of mind at every step.

Fast-tracking your idea to viable product

Inaka is our mobile division. An established player in iOS and Android apps, it has built and released dozens of apps to both the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store. They offer application design, development, and ongoing support, porting an existing app to another platform, and designing iOS and Android test plans.

Experts in bootstrapping, Inaka take a startup idea and build it to ‘minimum viable product’ before the client team takes over. Their skill means that clients can launch quickly, with a codebase that grows with them and their business.

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Speed and scale

Whisper, the acclaimed anonymous social network saw Inaka combine mobile and server experience with the client's product and design team to develop, build, test and launch in just three months. The product was built from scratch and included servers, administration, mobile application and hosting. TigerText is a world-class real-time messaging platform that Inaka built and continue to develop.

Lasting solutions

Founded on cohesive teamwork, Inaka take a strategic approach to design and combine technical expertise with empathy.

A business and its software continue growing long after the bootstrapping phase. Beyond choosing the right technology, it’s about thinking through user stories, planning for future versions, and deciding what can be built now and what can wait until the end-user is better defined.

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