Staff Resourcing

Erlang Solutions Ltd. has a network of experienced and certified consultants and contractors available world-wide for delivering and assisting on longer term Erlang/OTP projects. We can support with individual consultants on a programme, or guide you through the whole software cycle.

Introducing a new technology on a large scale in a new project can have disastrous effects if it is not done correctly. Expert help and mentorship in the project is needed regardless of the choice. You have to ensure you are using the right methodology, tools, training strategy, architecture and realistic time schedule. On our longer-term project commitments, consultants are initially present on a full-time basis. As the project development progresses and confidence increases, their presence is reduced. Towards the end of a project, our consultants will always be available to answer questions, but are usually present on location a week per month.

Some projects already have the necessary experience, but need additional programming resources, as it might be hard to recruit local Erlang/OTP programmers; they may have tight deadlines to meet, or need tens of thousands of incomprehensible lines of code to be rewritten. Regardless of whether you are introducing Erlang/OTP in a company for the first time or you just need programming assistance, we can help. Contact us with your requirements and we will tailor a solution that will best suit your needs. Most of our consultants are based in London and Stockholm, but are not scared of flying and will take on jobs regardless of the continent you are located in.