Migration to OTP

Erlang Solutions Ltd. can help with the introduction of OTP in systems written in pure Erlang so as to gain all the advantages offered by its libraries, behaviours and applications.

Have you developed a product using pure Erlang, only to realise that you have missed out a lot of functionality since you bypassed OTP and did not realise its potential? Erlang/OTP can be used for applications other than Telecomms.

Here at Erlang Solutions Ltd., we started working on migrations from Erlang to OTP for Ericsson's first products as early as 1996 when OTP first came out. With minimal disruption, often in conjunction with a code review, we are able to set up a migration plan from Erlang to OTP and help you implement this plan. The migration of 15,000 lines of code takes approximately 50 hours. Our Erlang to OTP migration package includes:

  • Code review prior to arrival.
  • Training in OTP behaviours.
  • Architecture review on location.
  • A rewrite strategy for the project.
  • Practical help in the rewrite phase.

Migrations to OTP will result in a substantial code size reduction, more robust systems, and lots of added functionality and features.