"Learn Erlang from the experts, without leaving your desk"

Erlang is experiencing an exponential growth in interest from developers worldwide. Erlang Solutions, in collaboration with the University of Kent, have developed a system that delivers at a distance, the same high-quality interactive experience that is delivered face-to-face.

The e-learning offering allows people to be trained who, due to temporal, geographical or economical constraints, are not able to attend traditional face-to-face instruction.

The e-learning platform is the first of its kind for the Erlang language and incorporates features that are unique to any e-learning platform. The project has been developed in the form of a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnerhip), a UK-government funded project conducted in conjunction with University of Kent.

The first course that we have launched is Erlang Express, taught by Simon Thompson and Francesco Cesarini, authors of Erlang Programming, published by O’Reilly. A mixture of multiple choice questions, interactive tutorials, screen-casts and discussion forums accompanies the course. Following this will be the more advanced, Erlang OTP course.

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