Code Reviews

Erlang Solutions Ltd. provides code and architecture reviews on systems built in Erlang/OTP, concentrating on issues such as architecture, style and efficiency.

We've seen the best and the worst of Erlang programming. We don't subscribe to the "if it works don't touch it" philosophy. Detailed code reviews are a necessary part of the software development process. As the major cost in the software cycle is maintaining the code, a successful review will help decrease this cost as it will result in systems that are easier to understand, debug and maintain.

We can offer code reviews with regards to architecture, style and efficiency. Code reviews are carried out by technical consultants with at least five years of full time experience in Erlang/OTP projects. They can identify design flaws, inconsistencies, and give concrete advice on stylistic improvements. A typical code review package on a 10,000 line project takes 40 - 50 hours and includes:

  • Review of the stylistic aspects of the code prior to arrival.
  • The Erlang Do and Don'ts seminar.
  • Rewrite of parts of the code to demonstrate the seminar theory.
  • Review of the Architecture.
  • One-on-one consultations with the programmers.
  • Performance measurements.

It is cheaper, faster, and easier than you think, and the results will immediately become visible. Time spent on a code review will be saved many times over when the code goes into production and when developing new applications. Contact us for more details if you are interested in our code review package.