Riak NoSQL database - For scalability, distribution and fault tolerance

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 16:00 to 17:00

With companies facing scaling challenges with rapidly growing user bases, they need a database that is reliable, scalable as well as fault-tolerant. Riak is a cloud-ready, stable, online, linearly scalable, write-available database that enables your business to capture, store and search all kinds of crucial content. It is one of the most powerful open-source, distributed databases ever put into production.
Erlang Solutions, a technology partner to ooVoo invites you to join Rune Skou Larsen (NoSQL & Riak Team lead at Trifork) & Alexander Fok (Senior Director, System Architect at ooVoo) for an insightful discussion on the need for NoSQL databases and how you can implement Riak within your organization. Erlang Solutions has worked with ooVoo (a fast growing social video and messaging platform) in implementing Riak and continues to provide support for Riak and ooVoo.
ooVoo is the largest independent social video communication service provider. ooVoo has over 80M registered users and fast growing rate, constantly expending its services.


Riak offers benefits of enormous availability, replication and monitoring – all in a highly distributed deployment. Available in both open source and commercial versions, Riak provides unprecedented read-and write-availability to enterprise, web, and mobile applications.
If you are looking to implement a NoSQL database, this is a great opportunity to learn what difference Riak can bring to your business.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The advantages that Erlang as a technology brings to Riak database
  • Problems solved by Riak and how it handles consistency and replication
  • Use cases for the Riak database in your organization and how to simplify its implementation
  • Key industries where Riak can be deployed
  • Challenges faced by ooVoo and how Erlang Solutions has helped ooVoo implement Riak