"Learning Erlang - the advantages of keeping things simple" - a Webinar by Torben Hoffmann and Robert Virding

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 04:00

Massive concurrency, fault-tolerance, process- isolation, distribution, soft-real time, hot code replacement have always been basic properties of Erlang which have fundamentally affected the design of both the language and Open Telecom Platform (OTP) library that Ericsson created on top of it.

Erlang is a dynamic language with simple and concise syntax. It allows you to avoid writing tons of boilerplate code, thus making the iterative and agile development faster. It found its usages in telecom exchanges, instant messaging servers (e.g. MongooseIM), web frameworks (e.g. Zotonic), database engines (e.g. Riak, CouchDB) and many other solutions in different business branches.

Want to find out if Erlang is a right fit for you? Join “Learning Erlang - the advantages of keeping things simple” webinar by Robert Virding (one of the co-creators of the Erlang programming language), and Torben Hoffmann (Product & Research Manager at Erlang Solutions) on Apr 16 (Tuesday) at 4:00 PM!

In this webinar you’ll learn:

-Erlang, its benefits and use cases
-How Erlang fits into the technologies you’re already using
-What makes Erlang easy to pick up & learn
-Different Erlang/OTP training courses and e-learning sessions available worldwide providing insight into the different aspects of the Erlang software cycle