Past Webinars

Erlang in Gambling/Online Betting*

Erlang Solutions, a technology partner to bet365 (one of the world’s leading online gambling groups) invites you to join Stephen Goldby, (Business Manager, Erlang Solutions) and Daniel Macklin (Research and Development Manager, bet365) for an insightful discussion on how to build high performance, highly scalable betting systems using Erlang. View Now

Understanding the Erlang Scheduler

In Erlang there are different types of concurrent entities, processes, ports etc. This webinar will provide an overview of all the different types and explain, how the Erlang VM decides what should run where and when. View Now

Learning Erlang - Easier than you think

Erlang is much more powerful than languages such as Java or C++ and at the same time is a much simpler language and far easier to learn. Making the language easy to pick up was one of the original design goals of the Erlang development team. It doesn’t take much time to be able to benefit from its amazing features. It is dynamic language with simple and concise syntax, well suited for rapid prototyping of distributed systems. It was designed to build robust, fault-tolerant, highly concurrent applications. It allows light-weight massive concurrency, code change at runtime and makes both the development and maintenance easier as well as cheaper.   View Now

Riak NoSQL database - For scalability, distribution and fault tolerance

Riak is a cloud-ready, stable, online, linearly scalable, write-available database that enables your business to capture, store and search all kinds of crucial content. It is one of the most powerful open-source, distributed databases ever put into production. Erlang Solutions, a technology partner to ooVoo invites you to join Rune Skou Larsen (NoSQL & Riak Team lead at Erlang Solutions and Trifork) & Alexander Fok (Senior Director, System Architect at ooVoo) for an insightful discussion on the need for NoSQL databases and how you can implement Riak within your organization. View Now

Erlang in finance - Next generation of automated payment systems

See how Erlang programming language fits into the world of financial solutions. Join our webinar “Erlang in finance - Next generation of automated payment systems”. Erlang Solutions, and Tutuka invite you to join Rudolph Van Graan (Senior Consultant and Payment System Specialist at Erlang Solutions) & Shaun Hodgkiss (Technical Director at Tutuka) for an insightful discussion on how you can implement a highly scalable payment switch. Erlang Solutions has provided the essential expertise in building hugely scalable payment switches and continues to provide support for these services. Tutuka is a leader in the provision of prepaid cards with experience in building Erlang-powered payment systems. View Now

OpenFlow - Bringing new levels of network control

There is a lot of buzz about Software Defined Networking(SDN) and OpenFlow, which looks set to revolutionise IP networking. OpenFlow is a standard driven by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and it is a disruptive approach to networking, enabling new levels of network control. This Webinar provides you with the opportunity to learn more about OpenFlow and how to get your own OpenFlow switch for free. View Now

"Learning Erlang - the advantages of keeping things simple" - a Webinar by Torben Hoffmann and Robert Virding

Massive concurrency, fault-tolerance, process- isolation, distribution, soft-real time, hot code replacement have always been basic properties of Erlang which have fundamentally affected the design of both the language and Open Telecom Platform (OTP) library that Ericsson created on top of it. View Now

Implementing mobile messaging gateway for Velti

Erlang Solutions has successfully created a state of the art Mobile Messaging Gateway for a leading global mobile marketing company. Being one the fastest and most scalable gateway technologies in the market, the solution has been in use for mobile marketing campaigns, interactive messaging and mobile payments to a range of their customers across the media, gaming, telecoms and technology service provision sectors. If you are looking to implement a high capacity and extremely reliable, distributed SMS gateway which provides robust performance with innovative business opportunities, there is a lot to learn from this webinar View Now

Implementing Instant Messaging Solutions with Erlang

Erlang Solution, a technology partner to ooVoo invites you to join Michal Slaski & Alexander Fok for an insightful discussion on how you can implement highly scalable and high performance messaging solutions. Erlang Solution has provided the essential expertise to ooVoo (a fast growing social video and messaging platform) in building their messaging platform and continues to provide support for the service. View Now