Out of the box Wi Fi services

Out of the box Wi Fi services

Quick and hassle free Wi-Fi access provision at any location.

The opportunity
Users with Wi-Fi enabled devices are demanding www access wherever they go. Most commercial organisers need to provide Wi-Fi users with a satisfying experience, whilst also maximising sponsor advertising space: this access need not always be free to the end user - that decision is for the organiser!

There is a growing market for advertisements where guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi access. Also in many instances the location provider may not want to enter into the ISP legal requirements for access provision - this should be provided with the service.

i-venue.net - the solution
Our partner Travelping has extensive experience working with Telecom Operators. This work, building the "AAA" applications and the associated communications infrastructure, means that they can control access and billing, if needed. Being an "ISP" removes many legal obligations for the event organisers and reduces time for implementation.

Wi-Fi access is provided as a service. Clever product design and helpful experts mean that minimum knowledge and resources are needed in the set-up.

The organisers can outline the Web "Splash Page", content with no fuss; the access rules for the end users are simple to choose i.e.: any payment structures, content permissions and activity usage log-ons and release of service rules.

An initial site survey reveals the best positions for the Wireless Access Points, which in addition to detailed discussions with the client regarding expected attendance numbers, tells how many "APs" are needed to meet demand. Travelping "owns" sufficient IP addresses to allow access to a large transient user population, making remote connectivity seamless for end users, with web "Splash pages", as defined by the event organisers. In addition the overall layout, potential access profiles and user costings (if any) are discussed to confgure the packages to suit the event.

Why Erlang

  • Erlang provides an environment which can be easily modi"ed to incorporate the rule set changes needed for each event/location.
  • The scalability of the base system means that it can be replicated for any area/user population.
  • Erlang/OTP contains a “AAA” Diameter stack for control of internal cost, access and authorisation.
  • The “non stop”, characteristics of the applications ensures maximum end user service provision.

Customer benefits

  • The advertising canvas for the event organiser has now increased
  • Branding/ Marketing messages for the event are reinforced with the "Splash Page" design.
  • Delegate internet access is provided as a
    service, incorporating the desired branding whilst handling all the associated ISP legal conditions and providing the temporary IP address space.
  • Potential for delegate/subscriber feedback/voting/purchases and more

Prospective Customers

  •  Conference Organisers, with 50 up to 5000 delegates.
  •  Civic amenity managers, providing access to transient populations up to
  • 100000.
  •  External event support, for delegate traffic dictated by location.
  •  Telecoms operators with need for major account event support.

Technical Data

Programming Language: Erlang, HTML5, CSS, JS

Development environment: Tetrapak, GitHub, OTP.

Key Protocols: SSID, AAA, Diameter. 2 GHz and 5 GHz Mesh support

Project Management:

KanBan and Agile

Database: Mnesia,

PostgreSQL, CouchDB