A free video messaging system powered by Erlang

A free video messaging system powered by Erlang

ooVoo is the worlds fastest growing social video and messaging platform, that lets people on different platforms make group video calls with up to six people. Erlang Solutions provided essential expertise in building it.


ooVoo was faced with the best kind of problem: an ever-increasing customer base, and having to scale in order to accommodate them. In order to scale fast and have better scalability and availability units, they had to find a technology and product that could make it.

The system had to be developed and integrated within a few months, because there was a danger that the current system wouldn't scale well and cause ooVoo to experience service disruptions, which could impact their reputation.


Led by their Engineering Team, ooVoo selected Erlang Solutions as a main partner for the task. After determining the scope of the project, their technical staff attended professional Erlang training, in conjunction with an Erlang Factory conference.

The new system uses Erlang/OTP and XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), an open-standard communications protocol for message-oriented middleware. Erlang Solutions has extensive experience with implementing XMPP-based solutions. In addition to development and support, they offer training, such as the XMPP with Erlang and ejabberd course, and have developed several XMPP extensions and tools.

ooVoo provided the specification of their current system. In the space of only a few months Erlang Solutions built a solution that provided all of the current system's features and functionality, but was based on scalable and reliable Erlang/OTP and XMPP technologies.

Erlang Solutions helped ooVoo engineers during system verification, integration and installation. With the new system in place, they continue to provide support for the service.

Why Erlang

  • Fast time to market: by choosing Erlang as a key technology for the product, ooVoo was able to develop a replacement for the old system within only a few months.
  • Open source technologies: with the new system being based on open source technologies, it can be extended further in the future at low cost.
  • With its built-in fault tolerance and the ability to replace code at runtime, Erlang enables ooVoo to create a better user experience by eliminating downtime.

Customer benefits

  • By choosing Erlang Solutions as a partner for the project, ooVoo got access to an experienced team of system engineers who have worked on large-scale instant messaging solutions for clients like the Polish social networking service Nasza Klasa (nk.pl)
  • Erlang Solutions was able to provide expertise that extended to all aspects of the project, ranging from training to ooVoo engineers to development, deployment and support.

Customer Data

  • Website: www.oovoo.com
  • Type of service: Proprietary instant messaging client
  • Users: more than 25 million users worldwide
  • Over 60% of ooVoo users are under 24 years of age, and 50% have reported meeting new people

Technical Data

  • Programming language: Erlang
  • Development environment: Linux
  • Protocols: XMPP
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X