Case Studies

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Erlang at bet365

What Are The Chances of That Happening?! bet365 delivers seamless service to 11 million players thanks to its Erlang-based system ... more

Game Developer, Hibernum, Selects Riak for User Data Storage

Hibernum started looking for a cost-efficient solution that could support the large amount of requests, as well as a solution that allowed for easy scalability. Hibernum quickly realized that a NoSQL solution was a better fit for their needs and evaluated a number of databases in the space. After testing multiple solutions, Riak was chosen for its high availability, ability to scale to peak loads, and predictable operational cost. ... more

Angry Birds Firm handles massive Growth with RIAK NoSQL Database

Rovio Entertainment Ltd is an industry-changing entertainment media company headquartered in Finland, and the creator of the globally successful Angry BirdsTM characters franchise. Angry Birds, a casual puzzle game, became an international phenomenon within a few months of its release. Rovio needed to ensure its high service levels could be maintained in a cost-effective way. To add further complexity, data transactions across multiple platforms, including smartphones and tablets, meant that investment was needed to keep the user experience consistent. ... more

RIAK Helps enable smarter digital signatures at KRUX DIGITAL

Krux digital delivers intelligent cloud-based services for protecting, connecting, and monetizing consumer data signatures across multiple devices, sources, and formats. Krux digital’s biggest problem was scaling its operational systems with the growing market demand for its products and services. ... more

Basho and Trifork Power Critical Medical Data System

Critical data can be accessed around the clock, and through a system that never fails as a crucial business issue. Rarely, though, it is a matter of life and death in the strict sense of the word.   ... more

An innovative high performance cloud computing service

VSC – Virtual Supercomputer – is an innovative high-performance cloud computing service. When a system's full computing power is not being used by its owners, the power that is available can be provided to clients. ... more

Code review enables growth in performance and delivery

Detailed code reviews are a necessary part of the software development process. A successful review helps decrease this cost by producing systems that are easier to understand, debug and maintain. ... more

Erlang and Massively Scalable Mobile Gateways

Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) required expertise from Erlang Solutions to design, build, test and implement upgrades to its Messaging Gateway, which converts protocols, queues messages and reports on events processed by the platform. ... more

Developing a new breed of messaging gateway

The new messaging gateway has to be active across geo-redundant sites, with fault-tolerant software and high load tolerance, while allowing for in-service software upgrades, frequent changes and a long service life. ... more

Designing and delivering smarter payments capabilities

A specialist payments partner to banks, corporate customers and government departments is using Erlang to design and deliver the next generation of automated payments systems and ATM switching solutions. ... more

A new way to communicate with Erlang and NKtalk

Nasza Klasa (NK) is Poland's biggest social networking site, with over 13 million active users. They developed and launched their web-based instant messaging service, NKtalk, with the help of Erlang Solutions. ... more

A free video messaging system powered by Erlang

ooVoo is the worlds fastest growing social video and messaging platform, that lets people on different platforms make group video calls with up to six people. Erlang Solutions provided essential expertise in building it. ... more

Out of the box Wi Fi services

Users with Wi-Fi enabled devices are demanding www access wherever they go. Most commercial organisers need to provide Wi-Fi users with a satisfying experience, whilst also maximising sponsor advertising space: this access need not always be free to the end user - that decision is for the organiser! ... more