Sardina Cloud Platform
Truly efficient data centre management

Designed and built with 100% open architecture

Sardina Cloud Platform provides OpenStack data centre management and automation designed to meet the needs of enterprise data centres. Automated virtualised systems management technology means that businesses can dramatically increase service assurance, application agility and operational reliability. Sardina also reduces operational complexity and a businesses carbon footprint and increases IT operations flexibility, resulting in unparalleled efficiency of scale. The core components of the Sardina Cloud Platform are FishDirector and OpenStack, extending to FishEye for data centre monitoring and FishTracker for log management.


Increase your data centre efficiency with FishDirector

At the platform’s core is FishDirector, the world’s first energy-optimising and utilisation-improving OpenStack management and automation system. It uses an analytics-enabled core for fast initial right-placement of workload and as workload changes within a facility, generates dynamic reallocation across the entire data centre.

By doing more with what you have, you can address the top costs in data centre operations – hardware acquisition costs, energy costs, and the cost of facilities. Fewer servers needed to meet workload demand means lower spending on servers and lower operational expenditure on energy and facilities. With FishDirector, you can:

Data centre monitoring at scale with FishEye

FishEye provides a versatile range of data centre monitoring capabilities: global real-time operation visibility, integrating information correlation, analysis, and action handling. You can comprehensively monitor, analyse and take action on volumes of operational metrics. FishEye’s OpenStack integration provides a flexible solution for monitoring, executing actions, and tracking events in OpenStack virtualised data centres.

Log management at scale with FishTracker

FishTracker provides log file analysis and the ability to interactively search operational data – both real-time streaming and historical data. You can easily interrogate and correlate raw log files as well as structured and unstructured operation data that originate from entire data centres and even across data centres. FishTracker’s OpenStack integration provides a flexible solution for OpenStack log management. It is a unified solution for search, indexing, reporting, analysis, and retention – all in a highly scalable manner, facilitating a proactive approach to data centre operations management.

The most efficient solution

We partnered with Sardina Systems to bring this outstanding solution to companies operating large virtualised data centres. Our scalability know-how is backed up by Sardina’s data centre automation technology and OpenStack expertise. Together, we offer you the most efficient end-to-end solutions on the market.

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