Riak is an open source, highly scalable, fault-tolerant distributed database. Different than traditional relational databases and other “NoSQL” (non-relational) databases, Riak offers benefits of enormous availability, replication and monitoring – all in a highly distributed deployment. Available in both an open source and a commercial version, Riak provides unprecedented read-and write-availability to enterprise, web and mobile applications.

Riak is available as:

  • Riak OpenSource Distributed Database
  • Riak Enterprise DS (additional features include multi-datacenter replication and provides customers with 24*7 support)
  • Riak CS (powers public and private cloud storage platforms, enables multi-tenancy, large object support and S3 compatibility).



  • Riak is designed to operate in highly distributed environments, such as the cloud.


  • Riak has no single point of failure.


  • Because of Riak’s distributed design, you can lose access to Riak nodes but never lose data.

Highly available

  • This makes Riak ideal for read and write-intensive web applications

Simply Scalable

  • Riak’s scaling is simple and intelligent. Add nodes to clusters with just a few commands and no downtime.

Incredibly stable

  • Many see Riak as the “building blocks” of a cloud data infrastructure.


  • Its open source technology cuts down the cost of implementation, maintenance and upgrades.


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“We are thrilled with the reliability and performance of Riak. The fact that we got free data replication out of the box was important to us”

  • Ray Cote, CEO, Auric Systems International

“Riak is a strong differentiator for Krux in terms of offering scalability and a cost of operations far more preferable than traditional database models”

  •   Jos Boumans, VP Operations, Krux Digital

 “Voxer’s experience with Riak has been that the core promise of the available, scalable key-value store works as advertised”

  • Matt Ranney, CTO, Voxer