Riak NoSQL Database

Riak is an open source, highly scalable, fault-tolerant distributed database. Different than traditional relational databases and other “NoSQL” (non-relational) databases, Riak offers benefits of enormous availability, replication and monitoring – all in a highly distributed deployment. Available in both an open source and a commercial version, Riak provides unprecedented read-and write-availability to enterprise, web, and mobile applications.

Key Features

  • Multi-node clustering
  • MapReduce processing
  • Pluggable storage (kv store or file system)
  • APIs: HTTP REST, Protocol Buffers
  • Client Libraries: Java, Javascript, Erlang, Python, Ruby, etc.
  • All nodes write- & read-available
  • Reads/Writes HTTP Cache-ready
  • Schema-less data
  • Masterless multi-site replication
  • SNMP Monitoring Agent and Support
  • Graphical Operations Dashboard
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Integrated full-text search
  • Secondary indexing JMX Integration

Use Cases & Verticals

  • Cloud Storage
  • CDN
  • Mobile/Smartphone
  • Real-time Web
  • Ad-serving
  • Gaming
  • Medical Records
  • Session Store
  • Credit card fraud detection
  • Multimedia Asset Store
  • Notification Service
  • Sensor Network Monitoring





“We are thrilled with the reliability and performance of Riak. The fact that we got free data replication out of the box was important to us”

  • Ray Cote, CEO, Auric Systems International

“Riak is a strong differentiator for Krux in terms of offering scalability and a cost of operations far more preferable than traditional database models”

  •   Jos Boumans, VP Operations, Krux Digital

 “Voxer’s experience with Riak has been that the core promise of the available, scalable key-value store works as advertised”

  • Matt Ranney, CTO, Voxer