Riak KV
Highly scalable, fault tolerant distributed open source database

Unrivalled distributed NoSQL and object storage for your business

In contrast to traditional relational databases and other “NoSQL” (non-relational) databases, Riak offers enormous availability, replication and monitoring – all in a highly distributed deployment. Available in both open source and commercial versions, Riak provides outstanding read and write availability to enterprise, web and mobile applications.


Features and functionalities


Riak has no single point of failure.

Simply scalable

Riak’s scaling is simple and intelligent – you can add nodes to clusters with just a few commands and no downtime.


Because of Riak’s distributed design, even if you lose access to Riak nodes, you won't lose data.


Riak is designed to operate in highly distributed environments, such as the cloud.


Riak's open source technology helps you cut down on the cost of implementation, maintenance and upgrades.

Incredibly stable

Many see Riak as the “building block” of a cloud data infrastructure.

Highly Awailable

Riak's high availability makes it ideal for read-and-write-intensive web applications.

How it works

An application connects with Riak through protocol buffers or using the RESTful interface. The Riak clusters appear as single server to the application. For efficiency and speed, Riak supports indexing and provides search and MapReduce capabilities. Although data is kept across servers within Riak cluster, you can also enable Riak replication between two different clusters.

Image - Riak Tree

Benefits and use cases

Riak is written in Erlang. Besides our Erlang expertise, we have extensive experience in providing end-to-end services in Riak implementation, consulting and support to our partners. This database is used by leading gaming, gambling, online betting and social media companies:

Part of the Erlang-based Ecosystem

Our offer includes a range of products and support for products in the Erlang Ecosystem. 

Specifically designed for enterprise purposes, MongooseIM is a platform for building high-performance instant messaging systems. It is reliable, fault-tolerant, can utilise the resources of multiple clustered machines and can scale easily when more capacity is needed.

WombatOAM gives you full visibility over your Erlang and Elixir systems, either as a stand alone product or by integrating into your existing OAM infrastructure. WombatOAM ships with a set of pre-built plugins, also developed to be use with Riak KV.

An easy-to-use scalable cloud platform specially created for load testing heavy-duty backend services. Can be used in conjunction with WombatOAM and Riak KV.

This fast and dependable open-source message server supports a wide range of use cases including reliable integration, content-based routing, global data delivery and high volume monitoring and data ingestion. It is developed by Pivotal and written in Erlang. RabbitMQ ships with a variety of plugins extending it in different ways, and also allows you to write your own.

How to get RIAK KV

Riak is available in both open source and commercial versions. Additional features under commercial licensing include multi-datacentre replication, 24×7 customer support, multi-tenancy, large object support, and Amazon S3 compatibility. 
We have extensive experience in providing end-to-end services in Riak implementation, consulting and support to our partners. To discuss what version of Riak is right for you, get in touch.

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