OpenFlow is a Software Defined Networking (SDN) standard enabling the next generation of IP networks and advanced functionality such Network Functionality Virtualisation (NFV).

OpenFlow separates the data plane (movement of user packets) from the control plane (decisions how to route packets). User packets routing decisions that therefore be controlled via applications, enabling networks to evolve. A remote controller has the power to modify the behaviour of network devices, through a well-defined "forwarding instruction set".

OpenFlow gives you the ability to tailor your network to the applications you are running across the network. If you have a heavy distributed computation (such as Hadoop) to be done, you can set up your network so it is optimal for the data traffic of that computation. All of this can be done using off-the-shelf hardware and with minimal configuration effort, opposed to the current state of events where you have to pay for expensive networking hardware and expensive configuration of that network.

Erlang Solutions is a founding member of the FlowForwarding community and developed  the LINC OpenFlow  switch.  LINC is an Open Source OpenFlow switch built  from scratch.  LINC is a virtualised OpenFlow switch that  supports the ONF latest standards.  Erlang Solutions provides commercial software support and development for LINC.

Implementation of additional features
LINC has been developed using the vast experience Erlang Solutions has with Erlang from many different customers and using the best practises of Erlang/OTP. Erlang Solutions offers consultancy services around Open Flow and can enhance LINC to suit your requirements or application.

LINC is available under the commercially friendly Apache 2 licence so can be used in commercial products.  LINC can run on a wide range of hardware. We currently have it running on the Raspberry Pi through to high end networking cards such as Tilera or Intel SeaCliff architecture.

Network configuration and set-up
Erlang Solutions has extensive experience with configuration of LINC from a number of different test set-ups and can easily help you get your own OpenFlow network up and running quickly.

Enhanced testing of your own OpenFlow switch
In addition to the unit tests supplied with the LINC switch, we have developed a suite of enhanced test cases that exercise a large combination of possible scenarios; exposing corner cases that traditional testing cannot uncover at a reasonable price.

Testing of your OpenFlow network in general
Leveraging our vast knowledge & expertise about protocols and testing we can provide elaborate testing of your system to ensure that it meets your requirements.